Choose your pricing strategy

What should you charge? It’s up to you, but these tips could help you decide.

Competitive pricing can help your listing rank higher in search, making it easier for guests to find and book your place.
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Rule sets

If you have multiple listings, you may have access to features that let you to create custom pricing and availability rules that you can save and apply to multiple listings.

How rule-sets work?

You name your rule-set, then add rules for how you’d like your nightly price to change when your rule-set is applied. You can add the following rules:
Adjust the price per night based on the time of year.
Give guests a discount for booking longer stays.
Reduce your nightly price as the check-in date gets closer.
Add a discount for booking further in advance.

How rules are used to calculate your nightly price

Once you apply a rule-set to a listing, it will override existing pricing and availability settings you’ve set for those dates. However, these rules will not affect listing prices when Smart Pricing is turned on—so you must turn Smart Pricing off in order to use this feature.

Get started with longer stays

Encouraging guests to book longer stays could help you achieve higher occupancy with lower guest turnover and a more predictable income.

Enabling longer stay bookings

Review your listing settings
Check your max length of stay is at least 28 days.
Highlighted to guests in search results.
How far into the future guests can book.
Review your amenities settings.

New listing promotion

A 20% promotion for your first 3 guests for your new and unbooked listings.

In order to be eligible, a listing must have 0 bookings, instant book enabled and smart pricing disabled.

How it works?
Once you opt-in, guests can then book reservations occurring within the next 90 days to receive the discount on eligible listings.

The discount expires for each enrolled listing after the third promotional booking, or 30 days after your promotion opt-in date, whichever happens first.