Welcome to Casa Amistad Habana - Your journey in Cuba awaits!Casa Amistad Habana – Relax in the living room. Enjoy the view of Old Havana from the balcony.
Casa Amistad - Rolando (HAV001a)
Casa Amistad - Rolando (HAV001a)
3 voyageurs
1 chambre
1 lit
1 salle de bain privée
3 voyageurs
1 chambre
1 lit
1 salle de bain privée
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Your home away from home in Cuba! Casa Amistad Habana (HAV001a) is located in the heart of Old Havana. Enjoy staying in the beautiful home of your host, Rolando and Valia Gomez Leon. They will make sure your stay in Cuba is the best.

Le logement

Your home away from home in Cuba! Casa Amistad Habana (HAV001a) is located in the heart of Old Havana. Enjoy staying in the beautiful home of your host, Rolando and Valia Gomez Leon. They will make sure your stay in Cuba is the best.


Fantastic location! Conveniently located in the heart of Old Havana.

Friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful English-speaking Cuban hosts.

A full delicious Cuban breakfast is available for ~CUC5 per person. DELICIOUS homemade Cuban meals, fresh squeezed juices, and Cuban coffee are available for a reasonable cost.

Walking distance to cafes, restaurants, museums, historical squares, art galleries, music and many other attractions.

Sitting down and talking with Rolando, one of your hosts, is worth the stay alone. He has so many stories to share with you -from running state enterprises when he was younger to playing chess with Che in the early days after the Revolution are but two....His first-hand experiences of Cuban history will fascinate you for hours.

Each secure room has a comfortable queen or double bed and your own private bathroom complete with 24-hour hot water shower. Each room also has a private A/C, mini-bar, and mini-safe. You can add a single bed if necessary in some of the four rooms. Ask for availability.

Four rooms available so friends and families can stay together.

Laundry available for small cost.

Casa Amistad Habana offers a unique opportunity to study salsa and/or Spanish with some of the finest teachers in Havana. Enquire about special prices that are available for you.

A fantastic guide to where to go, see, do, eat in Cuba and Havana: (URL HIDDEN)

Currency Exchange - Where to get CUC:
- CADECA 23 entre J y K. Mon-Sun. 08:30-18:00
- Banco Metropolitano 23 y J. Mon-Sat. 08:30-19:00
- Banco Metropolitano 23 esquina a M. Mon-Sat. 08:30-19:00
- Banco Metropolitano Focsa. Mon-Sat. 08:30-19:00

"Hotel Habana Libre" (Lobby)"Hotel Colina (Lobby/outside)
"Hotel Nacional" (2nd floor)

23 y M (corner)
23 y L (corner)
Hotel Colina (Lobby/outside)

- Clínico Quirúrgico "Calixto García" San Lázaro No. 701, entre Marqués González y Belascoaín
- "Hermanos Ameijeiras" (Centro Habana - "Calle Neptuno" / "Calle Marqués Gonzalez")
- Clínica Central "Cira García" - Calle 20 #4101" / esquina Avenida 41 "Playa")

Cubacar, 25 esquina L
Hotel Habana Libre
Hotel Colina

Piano Bar Delirio Habanero. Teatro Nacional
Opus Bar
Jazz Café. Last floor of Galerías de Paseo Mall, corner of Calle 1 & Paseo, Vedado +

Clubs & discos:
Cabaret Parisien (Hotel Nacional)
Habana Café (Hotel Meliá Cohiba)
1830 Club. Malecón
Fábrica de Arte Cubano (FAC)
La Zorra y el Cuervo

Swimming pools:
Hotel Nacional
Hotel Meliá Cohiba

Playas del este / Guanabo / Bacuranao


Unlike anywhere else in Cuba, the Viñales Valley is a stunning UNESCO World Heritage Site. The lush greenery and broad plains are home to some of –if not the best- tobacco in the world. Ride on horseback through the pastoral beauty or discovery the caves of the Valle de Viñales National Park, one of which doubles as a nightclub. Viñales is the ideal location to learn directly from farmers about the making of fine cigars and tobacco, one of Cuban’s primary industries. Our co-director, Rolando Gomez Leon was a former executive in tobacco production and would gladly tell you more about the fascinating journey from field to finely crafted cigar.

Walk the stoned streets of Trinidad and step into a different world. A former hub for tobacco and sugar production, Trinidad retains a well-preserved colonial charm. It is a favourite amongst photographers, visitors, and seekers of the richness of Cuban culture.

Founded in 1514 as the third Spanish settlement in Cuba, Trinidad has 500 years of history to inspire you. In the golden light of dawn, horse-drawn carts click their way through streets of multicolored pastel buildings, cobblestones, and colonial architecture. Wake up in a Casa from the 18th or 19th century and feel the creative juices flowing as sweetly as the cane juice from the nearby sugar fields.

For a century, the sugar industry flourished in Trinidad and in the nearby Valley de los Ingenios (Valley of the Sugar Mills). Now you can ride a steam train to the Valley and be transported back through time. Both a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a living story of Cuban sugar production, the Valley includes the sites of more than 70 former cane sugar mills, plantation houses, barracks, and other facilities related to this near mythic industry within Cuban culture.

Enjoy the colonial charm of Plaza Mayor or relax at La Canchánchara where you can partake in a ‘Canchánchara’, a drink unique to the area made from lemon juice, honey and aged Havana Club brand rum served in glazed pottery.

The rhythms of Cuban life play out nightly in Trinidad at the popular Casa de la Trova as well as at several bars, discotheques, and impromptu street performances. No stay in Trinidad is complete without dancing or celebrating life under the stars at least one night. Many a joyous evening has been shared and new friendships begun on ‘the steps’ at the Casa de la Musica where live salsa and a lively atmosphere make for smiles, good times, and memories that last a lifetime.

Located between mountains and the Caribbean coastline, Trinidad offers a bounty of natural attractions. A short drive out of Trinidad, Playa Ancon is recognized as one of Cuba’s best beaches. Hike the Sierra del Escambray mountain range or explore the Topes de Collantes, a nature reserve park.

Cuba is a revolution for the soul. Come to Trinidad and fall in love with life.

Santiago de Cuba:
Whether you have a passion for music and dance, a fascination by Cuban history, or are a seeker of the richness of Cuban culture, Santiago de Cuba is worthy of a pilgrimage.

Not just Cuba’s second larger city after Havana, one might better describe Santiago as Cuba’s spiritual center. Where else but in Cuba would a country’s most sacred site be a shrine to a goddess of Love. Located on the outskirts of Santiago, Cuba's only basilica, El Cobre, is dedicated to the country’s patron saint, the Virgin of Charity. A simple yet reverent cream-colored church with red domes overlooking the town of El Cobre, the basilica is equally home to Ochun, the Santerian goddess of Love.

For centuries, believers and visitors have made their way to El Cobre to ask for blessings, protection, and to offer gratitude for her presence in their lives. In 1954, Ernest Hemingway won the Nobel Prize for Literature for The Old Man and the Sea, which he largely wrote in Cuba. Shortly afterwards, he journeyed to El Cobre to offer the medal to the Virgin, to Ochun, in gratitude. The mother of Fidel and Raul Castro similarly left an offering at the feet of the Virgin while her sons battled the dictator Batista ahead of the Cuban Revolution. They won. Such is the power and presence of the goddess of Love in the spirit of Cubans.

For those visitors with an enthusiasm for history, Santiago will breathe life into stories and tales of mauraders, occupation, and revolution. Step out of the 21st century and walk the gangplank straight into the Pirates of the Caribbean with a visit to the Castillo del Morro. Built to fend off pirates and other invaders, the Castillo del Morro is an evocative 17th century fortress located strategically on Santiago’s harbor.

Santiago plays a key role in the events and mythos of the ongoing struggle of Cubans for self-determination, most recently with ‘the Revolution’. Crucial to victories on both rural and urban fronts, the 26th of July Movement was the vanguard revolutionary organization led by Fidel Castro. The 26th of July Movement's name originated from the failed attack on the Moncada Barracks, an army facility located in Santiago. The attack is widely accepted as the beginning of the latest chapter in Cuban revolutionary history. The barracks now house a museum, worthy of a visit, especially if you are able to access an informative guide. Baptizing a new era, Fidel Castro declared the victory of revolutionary forces on January 1, 1959 from the balcony of Santiago’s city hall.

Situated closer to Haiti and the Dominican Republic than to Havana, Santiago possesses a vibrant blend of Afro-Caribbean influences, dating all the way back to the colonialist slave trade and before. In many ways, the city is a living portal to the past that undulates in Cuba’s music, dance, cultural, and religious life. Santería is a uniquely Cuban religion that merges aspects of Yoruba mythology brought to the island by West African slaves with Catholicism from Spain and Europe. Along with Havana and Cienfuegos, Santiago possesses a high mass of practitioners of Santeria. It is not unusual to walk down streets within these cities and hear the calling rhythms of Batá drums, which often accompany Santeria ceremonies. The influence of Santeria on current Cuban and by extension world music cannot be underestimated. For the music lover, amateur or professional musician a journey to Santiago is a ‘bucket list’ pilgrimage.

Whether it’s an energetic folkloric performance, bringing to life the Orishas of Santeria, or a highly charged rumba gathering that has your hips bewitched by the rhythms, spirited, sensual, delights are the finds of Santiago. From son to salsa, and every Cuban musical genre in between, Santiago has played a step in their unfolding. If there ever was a dance gene its origins might likely be found in Santiago where you might even stumble upon a mid-morning dance competition…. between preschoolers.

Described as “La Perla del Sur,” for centuries because of its nautical beauty, Cienfuegos is a city of surprises –little pearls that reveal themselves as one becomes enchanted by the city’s subtle, unassuming, charm.

Walk the Malecon to breathe in the beauty of its enveloping tranquility and panoramic views of the city’s sparkling coastline. Step into the crystal clear waters of the Punta Gorda area and feel the stress of ages fall away. The region’s calm waters match the serenity of the city as they are also ideal for sailing, boating and kayaking.

Surprises literally await underneath as Cienfuegos's coast is famous for its seabed. Diving enthusiasts rave about reefs along the coastline and there are diving centres nearby as well as at Playa Rancho Luna.

‘Pearls’ come in all sizes and along your way on the Punta Gorda you might drive by the Palacio de Valle, an ornate palace and architectural jewel, with influences of Gothic, Romanesque, Baroque, and Mudejar arts. Cienfuegos is home to a wealth of mansions with cupolas, several public squares, and -thanks to its French founders- ‘perfectly drawn streets and well-preserved neoclassical architecture.’

Not to be missed is the unassuming ‘Galeria de Arte Maroya,’ located at Parque José Martí. The gallery has a diverse and revolving collection of original creations from regional artists, such as the late Montebravo. Whether you’re there to soak in the inspiring artistry or to find an accessible one-of-a-kind ‘must have’ to bring back home, the gallery is a breath of life in Cuban visual arts and a relief for any visitor weary of mass produced tourist crafts and Che magnets.

Another understated pearl is the Teatro Tomas Terry (Tomas Terry Theatre), located on the opposite side of Parque José Martí. A ‘wonderful example of Creole architecture’, the Tomas Terry regularly stages all types of folkloric shows and evening performances. Don’t be surprised if the dance or concert you casually drop in on turns out to be a stunning experience you remember years later. Such is life in Cienfuegos.

Designed to confound pillaging pirates, Camagüey’s maze of streets are the perfect place to get ‘lost’ in. One of the first seven villages founded by the Spaniards in Cuba, Camagüey will delight visits with its expansive history, culture, charm, and surprises just around the corner.

You’ll want to walk and walk just to soak in the streets with their hidden plazas, rearing baroque churches, engaging galleries and funky bars/restaurants. Camagüey’s historic centre –considered the best preserved on the island– is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Feel welcomed by a city that has embraced numerous styles through the ages from neoclassical, eclectic, Art Deco, and Neo-colonial to Art Nouveau and rationalism. Charming cobblestone plazas, historic statues, intriguing museums, and signature tinajones or earthenware jars will keep you exploring with a smile.

Whether it’s a funky bar that beckons you to explore or a chance encounter with a local group of classical musicians whose performance in a random plaza leaves you gobsmacked, Camagüey suavely renews and inspires with an unexpected sophistication.

Cuba’s third largest city, Camagüey also holds its own artistically in a country renowned for its artistry. Former National Poet of Cuba Nicolás Guillén was born here and the world famous Ballet de Camagüey calls the beautiful Teatro Principal home. No visit to the city is complete without a night spent at the local Casa de la Trova. Popular with locals especially on weekends, la Trova is a welcoming oasis to enjoy jaw-dropping music or to dance one’s way deeper into the Cuban spirit.

“The prime sun-and-sand destination in Cuba…Some of the most spectacular beaches in the Caribbean…. …the world’s greatest beach”…in one word, Varadero. Imagine glistening white sands, tranquil turquoise waters, a drink in hand, and one can start to feel the stress of one’s worries dissolve into a cool sub-tropical breeze. Just want to lie on the beach and chill? Varadero has that covered. Boasting more than 20 km of beach, Varadero is the spot for a relaxing sun and sand holiday. With something for everyone, Varadero can fulfill your heart’s desire for adventure and water sports, whether that be scuba diving, sailing, deep-sea fishing, yachting, or swimming with dolphins.

If you want to take a break from the warm, azure waters of the Atlantic, there are plenty of opportunities for local excursions. Grab your clubs and enjoy Varadero’s championship golf course. Explore the local ecotourism in the Zapata Peninsula or Varahicacos ecological reserve and see exotic birds more plentiful than at the local Tropicana. Bask in the cultural waters of Matanzas, the “Athens of Cuba.” An elegant cultural beacon in the mid-19th century, Matanzas attracted a wealth of celebrated poets and writers from Europe. Soak in the battered splendor of the city’s colonial allure.

Spend your entire visit in Varadero or combine a sun and sand vacation with visits to Trinidad, Cienfuegos, or Havana, a mere two-hours away. The Casa Amistad Association has B&Bs in major centers throughout the country. Contact us to find out more about how you can make your experience in Cuba the best possible.

Santa Clara:
If you’re into seeing and experiencing more of the Revolution a visit to Santa Clara is worthy as a 3-4 hour stop over. It was pivotal in the winning of the Revolution.

Accès des voyageurs

Along with one's own private room, guests will have access to a delightful living room and balcony/terrace.

Échanges avec les voyageurs

Rolando and Valia will welcome you with open arms and make sure your stay in Cuba is the best. To make your experience in Cuba the best possible, we would be delighted to help with suggestions and directions to Island services and activities. We strive to give our guests as much privacy as they desire. Our guests are on their own schedule and we are available to assist as needed.

Autres remarques

Listing price is based on single or double occupancy. Rooms can accommodate up to three people (extra $10 for the third person per night).

Please note that as in many Colonial buildings in Havana, there is no elevator. The home is located on the third floor and accessed by stairs only. Rolando has set up a pulley system to bring up luggage and/or heavy bags. Rolando can help with bringing baggage up the stairs if needed.

Planning on traveling to other parts of the island? Rolando and Valia can provide recommendations and assistance with planning excursions to anywhere in Cuba.

Update: American credit cards are still not accepted in Cuba. You will need to bring cash or a non-US based credit card.

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Réduction à la semaine : 14%
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Pour protéger votre paiement, ne transférez jamais d'argent et n'établissez pas de contact en dehors du site ou de l'application Airbnb.
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Règlement intérieur
Ne convient pas aux animaux
Pas de fête ni de soirée

Smoking is permitted on the balcony.

“The most beautiful land human eyes have ever seen." ~ C. Columbus


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Porte de la chambre avec verrou

Séjour de 1 nuit minimum

80 commentaires

Profil utilisateur de Laurent
février 2017
Assez bien situé, proche d'une place avec des endroits sympa pour la musique et des restaurants à tous les prix. Je ne connais pas le standard cubain en matière de chambre mais c'était correct , un peu d'odeur dans la salle de bain mais ils avaient eu un problème de fuite donc.... Literie moyenne

Profil utilisateur de Quentin
décembre 2016
Un cadre charmant et ancien en plein habana vieja et à 2 pas de la vie nocturne. Accueil prévu, tout est organisé et vous pouvez réserver votre voyage à Cuba sur place... Aucune surprise en réservant ici. Muchas gracias.

Profil utilisateur de Virginie
mars 2017
Great hosts and really Good place. Lot of advices. Thanks !

Profil utilisateur de Mathilde
juillet 2016
My sister and I had a great time at Rolando's house. The place is really authentic and hosts are very friendly. Rolando helped us booking taxis to go across the island and advised us some nice places in la habana. We also met really nice "roommates" which made the stay even more nice and fun. The location is in la Havana Vieja : really convenient to visit by walk and you feel like you were living here :). The only negative point is about the room, indeed we had difficulties to sleep for various reasons : mosquitos, uncomfortable mattress, and the sonority of the room (you can hear everyone talk like people were in your room). But even though I would still recommend this place since I had a very good memories but not for more than a couple of days.

Profil utilisateur de Laure
mai 2016
Beware of scams ! We spent 3 weeks in Cuba and this casa was the worst in terms of quality/price, I guess this is normal for Havana. The room and the breakfasts were good. The casa is well situated, very close to plaza vieja. But beware of Rolando good talks. He has rum to sell, he will tell you a good story that you cannot find this type of bottle, that it is special. He will sell it at 13cuc ! And in fact, you can find it in every shop in town for 7.5cuc... This is not the only example, he also sells cigares which he gets from his son "apparently". The biggest scam which ruin one of our nights is the following : Rolando suggested organizing us the journey to the fortress in a beautiful American car of 1929 for 20CUC (a bit expensive but for a romantic evening we accepted). The taxi arrives but it was a lada ruined from the 90s. I indicate it to Rolando who told us that the old American breaks down … Not to waste our evening we accept reluctantly. In the car is a woman and a girl on the back seat (so we were not alone). For the romantic evening it is missed! Once arrived on the spot, we ask to pay now and return by our own. The driver refuses indicating that Rolando promised him 20CUC for evening, then calls him… We paid the 10CUC of the shared ride then left. (for your information this ride cost less than 5cuc). In a nutshell, the accomodation is good but do not always trust good talks.

Profil utilisateur de Damiano
août 2017
Alloggio non male, posizione in Habana Vejia buona e vicina a tutto. Colazione nella normalità (in confronto anche a quelle che abbiamo trovato dopo), stanza grande e silenziosa( a parte l'aria condizionata). Quello che mi fa propendere per una recensione assolutamente negativa è come il padrone di casa ha cercato di tirare su qualche cuc in più a discapito nostro e del nostro programma di viaggio. 1) abbiamo chiesto info su cosa vedere in città e ci ha fatto il nome di UN ristorante e di UNA attrazione turistica, naturalmente dove ci avrebbe guadagnato qualcosa: il taxi chiamato da lui per raggiungere l'attrazione turistica (con annesso ristorante) sarebbe costato 20 cuc(20 euro per 5 km) mentre cercandolo da soli come abbiamo fatto è costato 5 cuc andata e 5 cuc ritorno. 2) ma la cosa che ci ha fatto imbestialire è stata la sua organizzazione per la nostra partenza. Ci ha assicurato dei taxi collettivi per la tratta Habana- Vinales e per la successiva Vinales-Trinidad con tanto di 10 cuc a garanzia se avessimo cambiato idea: da Habana a Vinales taxi in ritardo di 4 ore perché a detta sua si era rotto quando invece l'autista ha negato tutto, ma era in ritardo perché aveva trovato da fare un altro viaggio. Inoltre due giorni dopo il taxi Vinales-Trinidad non è Mai arrivato, facendoci perdere altra mezza giornata e i 10 cuc dati a Rolando in garanzia.

Profil utilisateur de Stevenson
août 2017
Great location! Rolando is a knowledgeable local who helped me plan my overnight trip to Trinidad and had a great depth of knowledge so i felt safe and an idea of things to see and do in Cuba. The room had great air-conditioning for those really hot days. Would definitely recommended this place to anyone who wants a good location and to meet a great local.

Bowen Island, CanadaMembre depuis juillet 2014
Profil utilisateur de Vaune

Hi I'm Vaune Marie. Welcome to Casa Amistad in Cuba and to Lalita's Guest Chalet (Bowen Island, BC). My husband and I are so happy you're checking out our listings we're going salsa dancing!

For our own travels, we have always appreciated staying in homes rather than hotels as much as possible and have great friends in Cuba through staying in B&Bs there. While in Cuba on our first trip there, we met a Cuban man, Rolando Gomez Leon, who would became one of our closest friends -like family.

We now help Rolando, with reservations for his home in Havana as well as for other Casas throughout the island. Rolando is co-Director of Casa Amistad, a network of casas and friends in major cities in Cuba. Once you reserve a room in Cuba, you will be put directly in touch with Rolando and if possible your local host by email. You can ask any questions and get any help you need as appropriate.

Rolando has decades of experience in hospitality and as an entrepreneur in Cuba. He is a lovely and wonderful host with lots of stories of life in Cuba before and after the Revolution. He, we, and all our co-hosts will do all we can to make your experience of Cuba the best it can be.

Lalitas Chalet: We are new transplants to Bowen Island from Vancouver - and loving it! Our home is next door to the chalet so we are able to respond to any needs you may have. We appreciate the natural beauty of the island and welcome you to share in all of its diversity. We like to hike, swim, warm up by the fire on cool nights, and breathe the fresh island air. Bowen is magical (ask us why)!!

I am also a real estate agent so if your visit is to check out Island properties, you have a resident tour guide available. We welcome you and invite you to enjoy your time on your own in the fully equipped chalet and on this friendly, gorgeous island.

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