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1 chambre
1 lit
2,5 salles de bain
1 voyageur
1 chambre
1 lit
2,5 salles de bain
Veuillez entrer le nombre d'adultes.
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Chambre 1
1 lit simple


Frais de ménage 13 €
Tarif week-end 22 € / nuit
Communiquez toujours via Airbnb
Pour protéger votre paiement, ne transférez jamais d'argent et n'établissez pas de contact en dehors du site ou de l'application Airbnb.
En savoir plus

Règlement intérieur

Check-in time is between 2pm to 9pm. Any time other than the stipulated timing must be approved by the host via the message centre in advance.


For the safety, comfort and convenience of everyone in the home, we have over time compiled a comprehensive Home Guide and House Rules based on our experience and feedback from guests. We have no intention of offending anyone with our lists of rules. However, having them clearly stated will help us to organize and manage our home and ensure an understanding from all our guests of the role each of us play so as not to inconvenient or encroach upon the time, privacy and/or possession of the hosts and other guests.

We have hosted many wonderful guests. For our future guests, we would like to thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding. We wish for you to have a lovely and memorable stay and for us to be happy to have you in our home too.


1. Please do not slam the door upon entering or leaving the house. Close all doors gently including bedroom and bathroom doors. As houses in Canada are made of wood, the sound and reverberation can travel through the entire house that can affect all at home. Constant slamming of doors also damages the framework on which the door is made and lead to cracks in the walls.

2. Kindly remove shoes upon entering the house and place them neatly on trays provided. It helps that dirt and slush are confined to one area. To prevent tripping, please do not leave shoes on the floor at the entrance door or in front of the entrance closet.

3. Clean dry shoes can be stored in the entrance closet. However, guests are not to keep any winter wear in the general closets meant for hosts. Wet umbrellas must be closed and placed on the tray. Damp clothing from rain or snow can be placed temporarily at the laundry area. All items must be removed immediately when dry so as not to take up valuable space.

4. Please do not drag luggage on the hardwood floor and up or down the wooden stairs as it can cause deep scratches and chipping of steps.

5. Do update the notice board when you leave and return home so that we are aware of your presence or absence especially in cases of an emergency.

6. This is a smoke-free home. Guests must also not smoke along the sidewalk in front of the house to avoid passive smoking and littering of cigarette butts.

7. Guests are not allowed to bring their own pets. Cat lovers are welcome to play with our 2 cats. Please always keep room doors closed to prevent them from entering any bedroom unless you do not mind having them in your room.

8. Lighting of candles or burning of incense are prohibited as they are considered hazardous.

9. Guests are not allowed to store furniture or bring a huge amount of belongings if space in the room does not permit. Excess belongings should be stored at a public storage space. In order not to create clutter and for security reasons, no items can be left in the general area.

10. No pork or food made from or containing pork is allowed in the home, for example, ham, bacon and salami. Guests can purchase those made from turkey, chicken, lamb and beef.

11. Alcohol is not permitted. Guests must not be present in the house in an intoxicated state that can cause disturbance to others.

12. Please switch off room lights and those in the general areas when not in use and when leaving the house. Do not leave the main room lights on when sleeping. Guests can use the bedside table lamp or a night light.

13. Please do not move or remove any furniture, pictures or items in the house and room. Do inform us if anything is not working or broken. A stitch in time saves nine.

14. Please do not take or use any items or access areas and storage spaces not meant for guests. Please ask before taking or using anything that belongs to the hosts or other guests.

15. Do not leave any personal belongings in common areas. Please push in dining chairs, neaten sofa cushions and arrange or return things to their respective places when leaving the area after use.

16. We encourage guests to mingle. However, there should not be any noisy gathering in the main living, dining and kitchen areas after 9:30 pm on weekdays. Most guests appreciate the peace and quiet.

17. Please do not play any song or video aloud in the common areas or have conversations in the dining area if the hosts are watching television in the living area. Guests can use the kitchen or general area on the lower level.

18. Guests must store their food items in the designated storage space in the fridge labeled with the room name. Please limit the amount of food purchased so as not to take up the fridge space meant for others. Juices and milk can be placed at the fridge door compartment. Guests can write their name/room name.

19. Dry food may be placed in trays provided at the lower level in front of the fridge or kept neatly in the room. Please do not leave any dry food exposed but keep them neatly wrapped. Elastic bands are available in the kitchen. Kindly remove all food items when leaving. If you wish to give them away to another guest, please make the necessary arrangements to have them removed from your space before leaving.

20. Do not leave food on the main kitchen counters or anywhere in the general area. Do not place food in the fridge on the main level meant only for the hosts.


1. Rooms are for single occupancy only. No visitors are allowed into our home without our permission during the day. No visitors are allowed to stay overnight.

2. Please avoid cellphone conversations in the room after 10pm to avoid disturbing the guest in the next room. Guests can text or message instead.

3. Please use computers, radios, electronic players in the room. Keep volume down or use headphones.

4. All meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) must be taken in the kitchen and dining areas only. Please clean the table and do not leave any food remnants that can attract insects.

5. Snacks can be taken in the room. However, unconsumed snacks, fruit seed, peel or core must NOT be thrown in the bin in the room as they can attract insects. Please throw them in the garbage or organic bin in the kitchen, which is cleared more frequently.

6. Please maintain the cleanliness of the room weekly. Guests can use the vacuum cleaner and cleaning agents placed on the counter at the lower level.

7. Do not hang wet laundry or leave damp shoes in the room that can cause an unpleasant musky odour due to increased level of humidity as a result of moisture from wet items.

8. Please do not use the bath towels and linens provided to remove make-up, lipstick or mascara or as a rag to clean things.

9. Please close room windows when leaving the house. Rain beating in can damage wood trimmings, carpet and wooden floor.

10. Please dispose of unwanted items according to garbage and recyclables in the bins provided in the room. Garbage and recyclable collection alternate on Thursdays. Place garbage directly into the dark grey bin outside the house. Recyclables from the room can be emptied into the recyclable bin in the kitchen or emptied into the blue bins outside the house. Guests that have just checked in need not do if there is nothing much to dispose.

11. To prevent the problem of stale, unpleasant odors emanating from rooms into common spaces or other rooms, room windows need to be opened periodically to allow fresh air into the room. If stale odours persist and spread, we will have to access guest rooms to allow for ventilation.

12. Electric or space heaters may be placed in the room on certain winter months for additional heat. Guests must not use them when electricity rates are at its peak as there is still central heating. Heaters are not allowed near flammable materials like the bed, linens and curtains. Guests are not allowed to move the position or change the settings of additional space heaters which is set to operate from 7pm to 7 am only.

13. Guests are advised to dress appropriately in the home in winter. It is not right for guests to use additional fan heaters continuously or increase the temperature of space heaters beyond prescribed settings to the point that the room feels like a sauna while dressed in summer attire. Our electrical costs can sky rocket and we will have to make the guests pay an extra $10 a day for additional heating which hardly covers our cost.

14. Winter months
Advice for your comfort.
Morning: Please adjust the window blinds and draw open the curtains in the morning/noon to allow the heat from the sun to warm the room.
Evening: Blind and curtains should be closed at night to trap warm air in the room.

15. Summer months:
Morning: Please close blinds and curtains to prevent heat from being trapped in the room during the day. Evening: Leave windows open and draw open curtains to allow warm air to escape and allow the cooler night breeze to enter the room.


For the sake of the next user, please observe the following:

1. Always switch on the extractor fan when visiting the bathroom. It helps to remove odour, moisture, clear mist from mirrors and prevent rusting of toilet accessories.

2. Keep countertops dry always. A towel is available beside the sink.

3. Wash or Wipe off any toothpaste stains on the sink/tap with a bathroom tissue and dispose them into the bin.

4. Please do not leave any toiletries or hair accessories on the counter top. Place them on the shelves. Cleaning is easier without clutter.

5. Wipe off any stains on toilet bowl and seat before leaving and throw soiled tissues into the bowl only. Do not throw soiled tissues into the bin as it is unhygienic and will cause the entire bathroom to smell very badly

6. Please hold handle for 5 seconds or count up to 5 when flushing the toilet to clear all waste.

7. Spray air freshener if necessary which is available in the bathroom.

8. Please use the newspapers in the cabinet to wrap soiled sanitary napkins before disposing them into the bin.

9. Please use newspaper for heavy shaving to prevent clogging of sink and shavings on the floor. Wrap the newspaper carefully and throw it into the bin.

10. Showers only please. Shower screens must be drawn properly to prevent the floor from getting wet. No filling of bathtubs for soaking is allowed.

11. Please remove hair from the sink, shower area and bathroom floor. Please ensure that drain screens are returned and positioned properly when removing hair from the bathtub.

12. Allow for wet shower screens to dry properly by drawing them close to spread and dry quickly.

13. Guests can place their shampoo bottles and other toiletries on the shelves at the shower area.

14. For bathrooms with windows, please open the windows in summer for ventilation.

15. Please keep the toilet clean dry and odours free for everyone's comfort.

16. Please do not forget to switch off all lights, especially the bathrooms with separate switches for lights at the vanity and shower area.

17. Always keep the bathroom clean, dry and odour free for the next person.


1. Guests may have complimentary tea or coffee for breakfast and some biscuits at the breakfast table.

2. Guests are allowed to toast their own bread using the small oven toaster on the breakfast table in the morning.

3. Please use the tiny broom and dust pan to remove bread crumbs from the table mat and throw them into the organic bin. Do wipe the table and the dust pan after use. Do not wipe or sweep off the crumbs on the table onto the floor.

4. Please try to observe these timings for using the electrical kitchen stove. For other timings, please check with host.

May to October (Spring/Summer)
Weekdays: Monday to Friday
6:30 am - 11:00am
5:00 pm - 9:00pm

Weekends and public holidays:
6:30 am - 9:00pm

November to April (Fall/Winter)
Weekdays: Monday to Friday
11:00am - 4:00pm
6:00pm - 9:00pm

Weekends and public holidays
6:30am - 9:00pm

5. The electric stove is used only for cooking of quick to prepare meals such as quick boiling, pan and stir frying. Please do not deep fry, pressure cook, steam or boil for long periods so as not to splatter oil or hog the stove. For quick heating and cooking, the microwave oven is available till 10pm.

6. For safety reasons, only one person can use the stove at a time. Please do not hog the kitchen. Cooking should not take more than one hour as the host and other guests will need the use of the stove.

7. Try cooking different food simultaneously to save time on the stove. Guests are advised to cook bigger portions for more than one meal to reduce cooking frequency.

8. To reduce cooking time, guests can also use the microwave to prepare meals.

9. No cooking is allowed to be left unattended even for a short period of time. Guests must remain in the kitchen until cooking is completed.

10. Do not fill pots with water close to the brim that can cause spilling. Fill only up to no more than two thirds of the pot. If more water is required, please use a larger pot to ensure food is contained during the cooking process.

11. Please use the timer on the stove to estimate cooking time so that food is not cooked for too long and time is wasted. Please use the extractor fan if needed to reduce fumes and smell.

12. Time taken to cook chicken and meat on the electric stove can be reduced by pan frying first, then covering them to cook faster and finally removing the cover to allow excess moisture to evaporate.

13. Guests are not allowed to use the large oven as meal portions are small and electric consumption can be very high if every guest were allowed to do this.

14. Guests can use the small oven on the breakfast table for baking and broiling based on the above cooking time only. Food must be wrapped in aluminum foil. There must be no greasy spills on the burning element that can cause a fire. Keep door closed and switch off or unplug the oven if there is any flame.

15. Please clean up spills on stove top. Do not leave them to heat up and harden which can be very difficult to remove. Use the abrasive sponge in the sink and rinse it well. Splatters on cabinet must be cleaned.

16. Place all food items in the designated spaces for each guest in the fridge on the lower level. Do not leave any food on the breakfast table, kitchen counters and other general areas.

17. Guests are not allowed to place their food in the fridge on the main level used by the hosts.

18. Do not leave any used cups, mugs, dishes, containers and utensils on counters or in the sink.

19. There will be a set of plates, soup plates, small plates and bowls left on the drainer for daily use. Please ensure they are neatly arranged as originally positioned at all times to prevent wastage of space and accidental breakage when retrieving.

20. Please do not take dishes and cutlery from the drawers if those on the drainer are available.

21. Please do not let dishes and pots and pans pile up too high and haphazardly that can cause them to fall onto the floor and break.

22. Ensure that all other extra dishes, pots and pans and other utensils are thoroughly washed and wiped completely dry before returning them to their respective places. No guest wants to see a dirty dish or utensil from the cabinet. For this, 2 sets of cloth towel are placed in the kitchen for drying. Do not use them to wipe counter tops or anything else.

23. Turn off tap while soaping dishes. Rinse well and do not leave any residue. Do not waste water by leaving it to run continuously especially when engaging in a conversation or cooking while washing dishes at the same time.

24. When using hot water from the tap, please adjust the water temperature back to normal to prevent the next person from getting scalded by the hot water.

25. For wood cutting board, please allow it to dry on the drainer. Return it to its space only when it is completely dry to prevent moulding.

26. All clean plastic cups and mugs belonging to guests are to be placed on the guest tray beside the electric kettle and not left on the drainer beside the sink.

27. Please refill drinking bottle from the fridge when it is half empty.

28. Wipe counters and table tops with a sponge cloth after use and keep them dry.

29. Dispose organic items, recyclables and garbage accordingly. Recyclables can be placed in the blue bin beside the kitchen. Organic waste collection is on Thursday mornings. Garbage and recyclable collection are on alternate Thursday mornings.

30. As part of communal living, please help empty all trash in the kitchen when full and replace the respective receptacles with a new plastic bag. This is especially applicable to all guests that cooks and long term guests.

31. Please dispose stale and unconsumed food in the fridge that can emit odour. Longer term guests must check on this weekly. Please clear the fridge space before departure.

32. Guests must not used any other kitchen appliances without permission. The kitchen should look empty, clean and tidy the way it was after cooking as if no one was there.


1) Guests must make a request for laundry service. An appointed time will be agreed upon and payment made. We observe laundry hours based on 'Time of Use in Toronto'. All laundry must be completed before 9:30 pm.

2) Cost of using the washer/dryer:

- $5 using cold/warm water and includes detergent and softener.

-Washing and drying period for each machine is 30 mins.

Extra charges:
- $1 for use of hot water
- $1 for every additional 15 mins or part thereof for Washer/Dryer. No guest is allowed to operate the laundry machines on their own. Laundry machines must only be operated by the hosts or their representative.

3) Guest must not operate the washer/dryer machines in our absence. A representative will be available to assist.

4) Do not remove any laundry in the washer and dryer without checking with the hosts.

5) All buttons and zippers must be fastened and all pockets emptied before placing them in the washer. Once a load is placed, please inform the host. This is to ensure there is no overloading and only clothes are placed in the machines.

6) The clothes will be put into the drying machine on medium heat for no more than 30 minutes or less depending on the load. Guests can collect them when drying is completed.

7) The host will not be held responsible for damage to any clothing as settings of the machines must be agreed upon before washing and drying.

8) Hand washing of clothes is not encouraged at the sink as counter tops and cabinets can get wet and cause wood to rot and smell.

9) If hand washing is required to remove stains, please ensure that counters and cabinets are wiped dry. Basins used must also be dried. Ensure there is no dripping from wet clothing. Towel used for wiping must be hung to dry at the laundry area.

10. Guests must use their own detergent for hand washing of clothes as our detergent is only for machine use.

We expect our guests to be respectful to everyone in our home and to exercise common sense and good judgement throughout their stay.

All guests will be given an orientation by one of the hosts. In case we are not available, a representative will give a brief introduction to our home and hopefully we will meet up soon.

Please enjoy your stay and welcome to Toronto!

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10 commentaires

Profil utilisateur de Mousli
août 2017
Garnet and Nila I am forever grateful to you both for opening your home to people like me. My stay there was above and beyond what I expected. The room was perfect and the location was excellent as it was not too far from all the places I had to go. Thank you very much and hope we cross paths again soon. Best wishes, Mousli

Profil utilisateur de Chiara
mars 2017
The stay at Nila and Garnet's House was really amazing! They're such nice people, very kind and generous, always ready to help you! I really felt like home in their house! The house is really big and the kitchen is so good if you need to cook your own meals! The bus station is 4 minutes far from home and the subway station just like 15 by walk! I would totally recommend it to everyone!

Profil utilisateur de Jerry
décembre 2016
My stay was indeed a Home-away-from-home stay. Garnet and Nila made me feel very welcome and we're always friendly and polite. They were helpful with information about the area i. e. supermarkets, shops, restaurants etc.

Profil utilisateur de Gunawan
août 2016
I really had a nice stay in Garnet's house. His house was so tidy and clean, especially the room. I really liked the room. Garnet and his wife are so friendly and welcoming too. They shared so many life experiences to me. I learned a lot from them only from my few days stay. The house is so close to many shops and restaurants. There are bus stops just minutes walking from the house. Thank you for everything!

Profil utilisateur de Alyce
juillet 2016
Wonderful welcoming family. Lovely clean room with everything you need for your stay. Was close to food shops and the train station which gets you into the center of town. Only negative was I felt the walk near the station was a bit unsafe, would suggest a uber/taxi especially at night.

Profil utilisateur de Tiffini
juin 2016
Most welcoming hosts and acccomadating I have ever had on Air bnd. It's a really beautiful large home. You don't feel cramped everyone has their own space. Cannot say enough good things about Garnett's lovely wife who has gone above and beyond to make my stay here pleasant. Would book here again in a heartbeat. Perfecto! Also close to the grocery stores for those who are on foot.

Profil utilisateur de Pradip
avril 2016
Garnet is a great guy. He makes sure his guests are well accommodated and has a loving home that felt like family to me. I had to rush but I would be in touch with this sweet Indonesian family. The 2 cute cats were fun to play with too :) Best wishes.

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Toronto, CanadaMembre depuis mars 2014
Profil utilisateur de Garnet

I live in Toronto with my lovely wife whom I have known for forty years and happily married for the last thirty two years. I am of mixed ethnicity of Portuguese and Asian ancestry. We have two married daughters who are working professionals. My elder daughter is a medical doctor and my younger one is an IT consultant. My wife and I are semi retired. I keep myself active working a regular part time and providing Homestay services and accommodation that give us the opportunity to meet people from all over the world and filling our home with wonderful stories beyond Toronto, Canada, and conversations that will enrich our lives and those whom we meet in our humble abode. We are blessed with a good home that is welcoming to those who need a temporary stay in Toronto. We have 2 bedrooms at each level for guests, and 3 shared washrooms, making a total of 6 rooms which exclude our own personal master bedroom and ensuite. My daughters and their spouses do visit my wife and I from time to time and will use the upper floors when they are in Toronto.

We love sharing our home. Being empty nesters,  it is indeed delightful to see new faces at our door that will make the next few days and months of our life a little more interesting, perhaps even lively and exciting. Anyone who steps into our home will feel the warmth,  care,  respect and consideration we give to all at home. 

Sharing our home and maintaining a homely environment require a conscious effort on both us as hosts and from guests. Hence due respect,  common courtesy and an understanding of our shared responsibility with all our guests are important. Despite the different countries and cultures we come from, we can all come to a common understanding of how we could possibly live together harmoniously.

We enjoy living in a home that is clean and comfortable. Guests must be clear that as common areas are shared, cleanliness of the common areas is far more dependent upon all guests cleaning up after themselves on a daily basis in consideration of others than it is upon the hosts. Most guests do very well in keeping the place clean and tidy. Our cleaning fees are nominal, meant for making up the room for the next guest when a guest leaves.

Guests can look into our Home Guide and House Rules for more details.

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