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Rome : les meilleures activités

Découvrez la ville à travers les yeux des habitants. Trouvez les meilleures activités, les meilleures tables et obtenez de précieux conseils auprès des personnes qui vivent ici.

“Un des plus importants musées de Rome: de l'art classique à La Renaissance jusqu'au Classicisme du XIX ème.”
216 habitants locaux recommandent
“This invigorating museum has two locations that expose you to the wild world of modern art. With acclaimed international artists, a café, restaurant, terrace, bookshop and art installations, both galleries are fast becoming creative public meeting places. The Spazio Area has wifi, international art magazines, newspapers and holds events and workshops with poets, artists and philosophers. The MACRO in the Spazio area used to be a Peroni beer factory, while MACRO Testaccio is a former slaughterhouse with pavilions built as far back as 1888.”
53 habitants locaux recommandent
“Ancienne villa (XIX siécle) de la famille Torlonia. Parc municipal qui abrite trois petits musées : le Casino Nobile, le musée de la Casina delle Civette, et le Casino dei Principi.”
88 habitants locaux recommandent
“Villa Torlonia is a public villa, very beautiful on Via Nomentana. Inside you will find various museums and historical buildings from the 1800s, a bar / restaurant, even with outdoor tables. Here you can relax and enjoy the park and spend pleasant hours. Reached on foot in 10-13 minutes, the path that I recommend is very pleasant, in a beautiful area, very elegant. How to walk to villa Torlonia GOOGLE MAPS: Info and tickets Museums in Villa Torlonia:”
27 habitants locaux recommandent
“This park is an amazing piece of history, the Torlonia family owned for long time the park and builded inside some amazing architectures that is very interesting to visit. Is also a nice place just to have a walk in the nature or a quick jogging session just 5 minutes from the apartament”
24 habitants locaux recommandent
Grand magasin
“charming and exclusive items. At the top there a nice view, you can have a rest drinking a cup of coffee”
21 habitants locaux recommandent
“4th century church with a a round building and well preserved original layout and mosaics.”
38 habitants locaux recommandent
“The monumental complex of Sant'Agnese fuori le mura it gathers a great deal a whole Christian buildings of ancient origin, but built and rehandled in different times: 1) the catacomb of Sant'Agnese; 2) the basilica costantiniana (IV century), of which today the ruins stay with mighty boundaries; 3) the mausoleum of Saint Constancy 4) the Basilica onoriana (VII century) or rather the actual basilica on the street Nomentana, with the attached monastery.”
24 habitants locaux recommandent
“SECRET ROME, This is the secret neighbourhood of Rome. Coppedè, brainchild of architect Gino Coppedè (built 1913-1927), is a jumble of historic styles such as Art Nouveau, medieval, Baroque and ancient Greek all whipped together in a dramatic frenzy. Nature is the principal inspiration; daring and eccentric curved lines seek freedom from tradition, coexisting with modern sensuous ironwork.”
27 habitants locaux recommandent
Dessert Shop
“Perfect for breakfast, brunch, happy hours if you like Sicilian street food and ice-cream!”
29 habitants locaux recommandent
Campaign Office
“In central Rome, just a stone’s throw from the old city centre, we find one of the most characteristic of the city’s quartieri or boroughs. Actually it is not a quartiere at all, in the true sense of the word; it is, however, a corner of Rome which is most surprising for its bizarre architecture – an amazing hotchpotch of Liberty (or Italian Art Nouveau) and Art Deco works, with Greek, Gothic, Baroque and even Medieval influences. This is quartiere Coppedè, a complex located between the two streets, Via Salaria and Via Nomentana, consisting in 26 small palazzos and 17 villini or detached buildings. A tall, elaborately adorned arch joins the two ambassadors’ palaces, or palazzi degli ambasci”
16 habitants locaux recommandent
Restaurant spécialisé dans la viande grillée
“Super Good restaurant where you can have exquisite steaks or burgers paired with beers or excellent wines. You can also eat here at late hours (after 22:30). I suggest the following courses: -Orecchio di elefante (A specialty from Milan, but delicious!) -One of the 'spade' ("swords" filled with incredibly tender grilled meat), according to taste -One of the Steaks, depending on personal taste! (my fav i s the urugaian type)”
23 habitants locaux recommandent
“Farmer market. Fresh vegetable & fruits avery morning from 8 to 14, from monday to saturday”
14 habitants locaux recommandent
Musée d'art
“Amazing art nouveau in the middle of a park. Previous residence of a prince”
10 habitants locaux recommandent
Restaurant italien
“The best Neapolitan pizza in Rome! Excellent also the fried appetizers and pasta. Reservation is recommended”
7 habitants locaux recommandent
Club Discothèque
“One of the two longest running club in Europe. Night fever, not only on Saturday.”
8 habitants locaux recommandent