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Les meilleurs services publics recommandés par des habitants

City Hall
“Florence's town hall is a very special one. Once the home of the Medici family, it's located right next to the Uffizi gallery and for this reason way too many people skip it :( From the quotes from Dante's Inferno engraved in the courtyard to the delicate 'grottesche' paintings on the ceilings, there are so many cool things to find in this ancient building that remains at the heart of Florence's political scene. Did you know there's even a secret passage in the maps room? I won't tell you where it is... but if you look close I'm sure you can find it!”
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City Hall
“Unbelievable, but true! Until the 1960s, an eagle and a she-Wolf, the symbols of Rome, were locked up in a cage at the foot of the Campidoglio Hill.”
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“Biblioteca Salaborsa is the central public library opened in 2001 and provides a rich and fascinating cultural space inside Palazzo d'Accursio, the ancient and historical seat of the city government. The archaeological excavations carried out recently to restore Salaborsa revealed traces of public and religious buildings. They are visible to the public through a walkway and testify to the fact that the place has always been the centre of public life in the city. There is the impressive wall perimeter of the Renaissance Terribilia tank, paved roads and foundations of the Roman basilica, the wall of the Medieval tower house and the star-shaped tub once at the centre of the garden. ”
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Musée d'art
“It's a very nice museum that was built by the Baron Revoltella, a very generous patron of the city's cultural life. There is the formerly private palace with all the representative rooms to see and also the modern part with an art collection. In summer there is also a rooftop terrace café with amazing views over the city and the Gulf of Trieste”
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“The official founding date of the University of Bologna is 1088, but actually the building of Archiginnasio (1563) was built to put together many different premises. The library inside the building is one of the greatest historical libraries in the world, with codes, manuscripts, ancient books”
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Perfume Shop
“A paradise for your nose. Can't be missed. Great products for body care and more.”
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“Impossibile venire a Recanati senza vederla. If you come to Recanati you can't miss it.”
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Musée d'art
“Giovanni Fattori was the leader of Macchiaioli, the Italian Impressionism. He was born in Livorno. In the beautiful villa MImbelli you will find most of his paintings. The villa is just amazing, hthe park is beautiful also for a picnic. ”
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“Very nice place for a coffee with a wonderful Duomo view.... Don't loose it!!”
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Historic Site
“Villa Medici is the Accademy of French Embassy but really excellent Building on the top of Piazza di Spagna with wonderfull garden.”
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City Hall
“Trionfale market is considered the first corner market in Rome and with its 273 stalls is the biggest in town, and among the biggest ones in Italy and even in Europe. Open on Giulio Cesare avenue at the end of ‘800, for years it has been a transit spot for those going out of town or hunting and stopped with carriage or horses to refuel. At that time, it was countryside all around.”
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Musée d'art
“The Centro per l'Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci is the first Italian institution which has been built from scratch to present, collect, document and promote the most advanced artistic research. Since its opening in 1988, it has produced a vast number of exhibitions and educational schemes, carried out activities of contemporary art documentation, and hosted numerous theatrical and multimedia events. It has built up a collection of over 1000 works which map artistic trends from the ‘sixties up to the present day: painting, sculpture, cinema and video, installations, works on paper, artist books, photographs, graphic art, applied arts and commissioned projects. I”
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“Military Academy of Modena. It was the first military institution to be created in the world and actually the most important in Italy”
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“A monastery located on a hill not far from the city’s historical centre that will spoil you with an amazing panoramic view and will let you enjoy the fresh air of the Bologna hills. For the most adventurous it’s worth renting a bike and trying to reach the cliff by bike.”
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City Hall
“Piramidi di Zone- 1h walk around rocks not far away from the Zone village. Parking there avaliable for free.”
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