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Amsterdam : parcs et nature

“Any Dutchie will tell you that the moment the sun is out, we run towards to terraces and parks. Dutchies love their moment in the sun and because of that Vondelpark is the place to be. It has a large amount of cafe's, playgrounds and other diversions. ”
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“Never underestimate the power of animals. Artis is one of the oldest zoo's in Europe and renowned for their wonderful treatment of the animals in their possession. Its butterfly house is an absolute showstopper and a must see”
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“the major museums are all located on this square, also the iconic I AMSTERDAM letters.”
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“Take a walk around the park on a sunny day, then pop across the street to Koffie Ende Koeck, Haarlemmerweg 175, for a delicious (vegan) cake and coffee! Also check out before if there are any festivals (e.g food markets, jazz or wine festivals) taking place. Alternatively take your own picnic to the park, or enjoy the vibe in one of the many bars or restaurants!”
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“It is the park just around our corner. There are some nice hotels (tropenhotel, generator and hotel arena) where you can have a drink or a coffee or eat something. Or you can do your daily stroll, run or workout in this park. Some days there are special festivals being organised.”
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Restaurant asiatique
“Nice local park, not too touristic (yet) so in the summer you'll find families and friends here celebrating their birthday over a bbq. There are some nice restaurants/ parties/ bars in this area to visit in the evenings.”
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Lieu de musique
“Hipster place for drinks. Specially nice in Summer, with an Urban beach! It's situated in an old industrial area. Nice to visit!”
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“Medium size city park, relax, perfect to chill or to have a picnic. Many locals come to that park. It is surrounded by bars and restaurants. Very good neighborhood to hang out.”
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“Proper nature, right near the city. You can walk for hours, watch the rowing teams or discover some squirrels.”
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“Beautiful park with flower garden and playground. Also a football field and public barbecues. ”
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Bar de l'hôtel
“Rooftop Bar inside the Hilton (by Amsterdam Centraal) with a view that can't be topped by any other place. Great Cocktails, too!”
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“Right across the street - if you like gardens or greenhouses - this one is beautiful! Check their site for events! ”
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“Not as crowded as Vondelpark and definitely just as beautiful. If we hang out with friends in the park, this is the one we go. ”
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“ Rembrandtpark is a quiet open park, a great place to catch a quiet nap on the grass and just around the corner!”
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“The Museum square has all the big museums around it: Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh and the Stedelijk. Also the IAmsterdam sign can be found here!”
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Scenic Lookout
“Not afraid of hights. Adam Tower is a nice place with a great Restaurant on the top floor called Moon. But also a bit more low profile restaurant one floor down. The view is spectacular and the have a swing that goes over the edge. In the bassement is a club”
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