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Best things to do in Buenos Aires

Musée d'art
“Housed in a hulk of a building (originally a pumping station) on the busy traffic artery of Avenida del Libertador, the National Museum of Fine Arts is a vast treasury of Argentinian and Latin American art and painting from the 19th and 20th centuries, as well as one of the most important in Latin America. In the dozens of rooms you'll find heavyweight Argentinian artists. Although the emphasis here is on Latin American art, you'll also find important collections of European art and a smattering of American and Asian art. From Tuesday to Friday, 12:30pm to 8:30pm Saturday & Sunday, 9:30am to 8:30pm”
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Boutique de souvenirs
“An impressive modern building, the MALBA contains works by Argentine greats and other Latin American masters. It regularly hosts seminars and has a small cinema for cult and art-house retrospectives.”
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Cultural Center
“It's free, it's really close to home, it opens until late. Worth to check out, at least to drop by on your way to the cemetery.”
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“Recently renovated Modern Art Museum has more than 6000 works of well-known local artists in its permanent collection. It also hosts international exhibitions of modern and contemporary art. The museum opens its doors Tuesdays to Sundays with 30$ entrance fee. The admission is free on Tuesdays. ”
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“This is also one of Buenos Aires emblematic Buildings as well as a really nice green spot in the city. You can enter the building and have a guided tour through the observatory and its shows, or just enjoy the illuminated park.”
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Musée d'art
“Exquisite collections of the original dwellers of this palace, plus wonderful more recent donations.”
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History Museum
“Argentinian history museum. Very interesting for those who are curious about this issue. Delightful construction, properly preserved. It is placed into Parque Lezama”
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“Designed by architect Antonio Masella, the building dates from 1760. Originally, it was the House of Spiritual Exercises for men.”
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Musée d'art
“Modern art museum with very interesting exhibits. Beautiful modern building with great views, excellent bookstore and a lovely cafe at the top. In the Caminito zone.”
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History Museum
“A brief visit through Eva Peron's life and history in an entertaining way. The museum has a cafe and a very recommendable restaurant which is right next to it.”
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“The beautiful building will surprise you for its 70's brutalist architecture ”
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Science Museum
“One of the most interesting museums in town. The nature of Argentina is impressive!”
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Historic Site
“In colonial times, the Manzana de las Luces was Buenos Aires’ most important center of culture and learning and today the block still symbolizes education and enlightenment. Two of the five original buildings remain; Jesuit defensive tunnels were discovered in 1912. Tours in Spanish (AR$50) are given at 3pm daily and also at 4:30pm and 6pm at weekends, but you can go inside and see the main patio area for free.”
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“The cabildo is a historic building in Argentina. In this building were developed different historical events of our country”
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