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Historical centre of Palermo, Palerme : les meilleures activités

Découvrez la ville à travers les yeux des habitants. Trouvez les meilleures activités, les meilleures tables et obtenez de précieux conseils auprès des personnes qui vivent ici.

Opera House
“Emblème du style Liberty Palermitain durant la Belle Epoque, ce café a réouvert ses portes récemment. ”
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“The Cathedral of Palermo was founded by Gualtiero Offamilio, archbishop of the town from 1169 to 1190. It was a mosque in Islamic times and converted into a cathedral church by Roberto the Guiscardo after the conquest of Palermo. Its exclusive elements are the inlays and the architectural and sculptural plastic that reflects the penetration of Romanic art and the first Gothic decorative taste in Sicily, expanding the spectrum of the Arab-Norman syncretism with new elements in an original and multiple composition and exhibition of the Mediterranean arts. The building underwent a late-eighteenth-century renovation carried out on a project by Ferdinando Fuga. This period dates back to the Norman-Swabian royal and imperial sarcophagi in the first two chapels of the right aisle, where the remains of Roger II and his daughter Constance, of Emperor Henry VI, of Frederick II and his wife Costanza D’Aragona are preserved.”
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Restaurant italien
“The Royal Palace of Palermo (11th-12th centuries) is the main monument to represent the wealth and political and cultural power of the Norman kingdom, a model of Arab-Norman architecture. An ancient Islamic Castrum erected on pre-existing Punic origins, from 1072 it became the residence of the Norman sovereigns. Its Torre Pisana (second quarter of the 12th century) is a unique example of a fortified tower, similar to those of the Norman donjon, whose plan is similar to ifriqeni Islamic models. La Joharia (mid-12th century) includes Sala dei Venti and Sala di Ruggero. The Sala dei Venti, or of the four columns, derives its architecture from the durqa'a, the inner courtyard of the Islamic ifriqeni and Fatimid palaces. It is preserved intact and is in fact one of the best preserved examples of this architectural typology in the medieval Mediterranean. Sala di Ruggero is characterized by impressive mosaics that cover the walls and the cross vault with profane, hunting and paradisiac scenes. The mosaics of Stanza di Ruggero, together with the fragments preserved in the Pisan Tower and the mosaic panel of Sala della Fontana in Palazzo della Zisa, are rare examples of profane decorations, distinguished by the significant presence of figurative elements derived from Islamic and Sassanid culture.. A widespread genre in the Byzantine courtly world of which today there are no traces except in historical sources.”
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“Cheap and fun local drinking hole. Great atmosphere, ideal for meeting people... and just fun in general!”
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“ Una visita in uno dei più suggestivi mercati storici della città. La chiesa dell'Immacolatella vi sorprenderà i sensi. A visit to one of the most evocative historical markets of the city. The dell'Immacolatella church will surprise your senses.”
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“Is the royal chapel of the Norman kings of Sicily situated on the first floor at the center of the Palazzo Reale”
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“Une des églises les plus prestigieuses du complexe de la Martorana avec des fresques de W.Borremans et des mosaiques byzantines.”
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Historic Site
“La piazza ospita una bellissima fontana in origine destinata a una villa toscana ed è per questo che ha delle proporzioni eccessive rispetto alla superficie della piazza. Una bellezza straripante. The square houses a beautiful fountain originally intended for a Tuscan villa and that is why it has excessive proportions compared to the surface of the square. An overflowing beauty.”
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Historic Site
“Officially known as Piazza Vigliena is a Baroque square crossing of the two principal streets in Palermo, the Via Maqueda and the Corso Vittorio Emanuele. The exact center of the historic city of Palermo (350 m from home!) ”
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Musée d'art
“Palazzo Abatellis (also known as Palazzo Patella) is located in the Kalsa quarter. It is home to the Gallery of Art for the Sicilian region”
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Restaurant italien
“Un des restaurant tipique où gouter la gastronomie locale de rue dans un contexte style 1900. Espace self service à prix économiques. Espace extérieur restaurant à prix plus élevés. Uno dei ristoranti tipici dovè assaggiare la gastronomia locale di strada. Spazio interno self service a prezzi molto convenienti. Spazio esterno ristorante con servizio a tavolo e prezzi più alti.”
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“Ne manquez pas le magnifique et immense jardin botanique de Palerme- Si vous y allez en fin de journée munissez-vous d'anti-moustique !”
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Galerie d'art
“It's a modern art museum and in the summer it hosts classic music concerts. ”
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“Per passeggiate romantiche, jogging, pic nic, respirare aria pura, giocare, far volare l'aquilone... #For romantic walks, jogging, picnics, breathing pure air, play, flying the kite ...”
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Point of Interest
“Very big and old market, good for food shopping & more , with street food stalls and outdoor bars this whole area is up & coming”
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“A unique and mysterious place. Mummies of sicilian people of the 8th century. Very interesting... don't be scared! check out more on internet”
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