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Explorez Eau Claire, Calgary

Best things to do in Eau Claire, Calgary

“Located about a 20-minute walk away. Enjoy a walk along the bow river as you walk through Princess Island Park to the Eau Claire Market.”
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“Gorgeous park with lots of running and bike paths. There’s tons to do with events/festivals taking place in the summer and ice skating in the winter. Checkout the River Cafe while you’re there. Beautiful spot for a date. ”
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“Enjoy a nice day on Prince's Island Park and venture to Joey Eau Claire for some delicious food and drinks!”
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“This is a really nice place to sit in Eau Claire market market to have a beer on a nice afternoon. There is a terrific patio and lots of space inside. If you are Prince's Island Park it is just a hop skip and a jump across!”
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Gym / Fitness Center
“Large fitness facility featuring lane swimming, gym, and fitness classes. ”
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Street Art
“containR is a pop up arts and culture hub for people of all ages – championing a 100-mile diet of creative community ideas – developed by Springboard Performance. Together with partner Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Association we brought containR to the Triangle site on the corner of 9th Street and 2nd Avenue NW”
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Night Club