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Les meilleures recommandations des habitants

Des sites touristiques aux trésors cachés, découvrez ce qui fait la particularité de cette ville avec l'aide des habitants qui la connaissent le mieux.

“This is the port. Here you can find few cafe, bars, tavernas, travel agencies for tickets and car rental, super markets, bakeries, ice cream shops, traditional food shops (eg. honey, cheese).”
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“Just off the port, Apomero is probably the best café bar in Gavrio. With a great selection of cocktails and drinks, Apomero offers the ideal spot to relax and let yourself go, enjoying the sun colors reflecting at the Aegean. ”
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Rental Car Location
“If you would like to rent a car as soon as you arrive to Andros, this is a great location. It is right across the street from the ferry boat terminal.”
  • Recommandé par 4 habitants
Restaurant de fruits de mer
“Fully recommended fish tavern at the port of Gavrio. Excellent shrimp pasta. Great option for a last taste of Andros, before your departure. Don’t ask if they’ll make it on time; they will.”
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“Σπιτική ελληνική κουζίνα και καλομαγειρεμένα φαγητά, που εδώ και χρόνια επιλέγουν και οι ντόπιοι κάτοικοι του Γαυρίου. Μετά το μεσημέρι, τα μαγειρευτά λιγοστεύουν. Σερβίρει μαγειρευτά και της ώρας και κρέατα και ψάρια.”
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Souvlaki Shop
“Probably the best souvlaki in Gavrio. Great place for a quick and affordable bite.”
  • Recommandé par 3 habitants
Car Rental
“Make sure you book in advance before you come to Andros especially in peak times. Another option is to book at Athens airport. It will cost more on ferry fare but you save on taxis and the car quality is better. ”
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Centre commercial
  • Recommandé par 1 habitant
Book Store
“Bookstore with books and maps regarding Andros but also with a great selection of books regarding Greece.”
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Point of Interest
“Feel nature on 2 wheels! Rent a bike and discover Andros island.Trekking and mountain bikes are available.Tours also can be scheduled on demand. ”
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Rental Service
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Restaurant grec
“Located right at the port (next to the two bakeries) is a perfect place to finish your evening stroll. There is a large variety of homemade Greek food and other delicacies. ”
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