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Grey Lynn : les meilleures activités

Découvrez la ville à travers les yeux des habitants. Trouvez les meilleures activités, les meilleures tables et obtenez de précieux conseils auprès des personnes qui vivent ici.

Centre commercial
“For the uninitiated, Ponsonby Central looks like the façade of a homeware store and a soulful restaurant with outdoor dining along a deck of plush pillowed chairs. What you’ll also notice, if you find yourself walking within 100 meters of this place, is a distinct fusion of pleasant aromas beating their way down the sidewalk. The entrance off Ponsonby Road, leads the hungry into a cavern of food stalls where one can witness meat roasting over hot coals, busy Asian men rolling Sushi and fresh fruit being crushed to a pulp for your sipping pleasure. This place is a hive. It doesn’t look like much from the street, but once inside you’ll be surprised how far this monolith stretches back into the inner catacombs. There are a tonne of fresh and hip eateries and cafés hidden within, that tantalise with their extensive menus. Whether you’re in the mood for late night cocktails and shots or roasting pork fresh off the spit, cream filled crêpes or a burger fresh off the grill, a soothing shot of coffee or something a little more organic, then Ponsonby Central can accommodate your needs.”
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“The entire length of Ponsonby Road, caters for everyone and everything. Check out Ponsonby Central, there is a wonderful organic market /shop plus several cafe's and restaurants. Some favourites are Blue Breeze Inn, Saan, Azabu, and Award winning Sidart's. Plus great Brunch spots - Orphans Kitchen, Dizendorf and many more. Just ask for help.”
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“The Museum of Transport and Technology is a science and technology museum located in Western Springs, Auckland, New Zealand. It is located close to the Western Springs Stadium, Auckland Zoo and the Western Springs Park. ”
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“It is a large park with a lake and it is a refuge for many, many varieties of birds. ”
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“Welcome to modern Chinese with an island breeze. The Blue Breeze Inn serves up the sensational flavours of regional China in the lush, laid-back surrounds of a Pacific Island paradise. They are also home to NZ’s premiere rum and cocktail bar: The Rum Jungle. Enjoy an island holiday with a cutting-edge chef, right in the heart of Auckland’s Ponsonby Road.”
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Restaurant italien
“It’s been around for 34 years. For good reason. Krish worked here for 24 years before she became a Mum. It’s a Ponsonby icon. ”
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Restaurant italien
“Again, going with the classics here... the ones that have stood the test of time. Always reliable. It's not for everyone, some people like a bit more grit but SPQR is a favourite.... you'll understand why as soon as you enter, it's a bit fancy but in an Auckland way... put your Gucci sneakers on ladies and put the Clicquot on ice and keep it coming”
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“Boutique roastery modern, light-filled cafe with gourmet coffee drinks & vegetarian light fare.”
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“Western Park is a midsized public park located in the suburb of Freemans Bay, west of the CBD of Auckland, New Zealand. It is situated in two merging gullies which run downhill to the sea from what was once called Te Rimu Tahi ridge. Originally, the Tuna Mau stream used to run through the park's area. ”
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“They make great cocktails and they also do tasty tea pot cocktails to share for someone with a tighter budget.”
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Skate Park
“Lovely bug park which is good for walking and exercise (basketball, tennis, rugby league, cycling, skateboarding). It's also the location of the iconic Grey Lynn Park Festival (held annually in November).”
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“Ask any Aucklander to point you in the direction of the hippest place to be seen and you’ll inevitably get a different answer each time. However, one place that does tend to crop up is Dizengoff – a Ponsonby Road favourite that, despite many comings and goings on the hospitality strip, has proved a bit of a mainstay. Caffeine and Ponsonby Road go hand in hand and the fact that Dizengoff makes a decent cup of coffee probably has much to do with its success. Truth be told, Dizengoff doesn’t do too much out of the ordinary. Its interior is slick and stylish – mostly white, offset by a stripped back wooden floor and some good art on the walls, brunch is the focus (after all, Ponsonby Road is a brunchers’ destination) and the offerings largely centre on eggs. So how then does Dizengoff attract such a following when it sounds little different to the next café down the road? The real difference lies in the fact that at Dizengoff they do the basics well. It’s a quality place with quality offerings and an excellent service experience. And it seems that no matter how many new places might come and go quality is what will always stand the test of time.”
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“great walk in serene surroundings to unwind and feed the wild birds. a little exercise in stretching the legs. ”
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“Beautiful NZ food. Tom Hishon the chef is an amazing yet humble chef. You’ll love it. ! ”
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“Ah, what can I say about the Chapel... I have to say something cos it's directly across the road. The Chapel is an Auckland institution and popular amongst both "collars" ... blue and white that is. 3-6pm is predominantly the "Tradie Hour" builders, contractors... real estate agents (not sure what category they go into), high flying entrepreneurs ... and then from 7pm onwards it turns into a a proper pub night... Sunday Evenings are the main event for all those that can't face Monday without a hangover”
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“A Ponsonby institution that has earned its rightful spot as one of Auckland’s best bistros. The chicken live pâté is a standout.”
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