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Les meilleures recommandations des habitants

Des sites touristiques aux trésors cachés, découvrez ce qui fait la particularité de cette ville avec l'aide des habitants qui la connaissent le mieux.

“The Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe is a Roman Catholic church, basilica, and National shrine of Mexico in the north of Mexico City which houses the cloak containing the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe.”
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“Vasconcelos Library is one of the Mexico City's biggest and most accessible public libraries. Loaded with books, there's also art and exhibition room in one of the city's most alluring public spaces. Is the masterpiece of contemporary engineer Alberto Kanach, a sort of modern conclave built in the middle of a surrealist garden in Buenavista, Mexico City. Inside, one can wander through the hundreds of square-shaped shelves that embellish its crystal halls. Even though their archive only contains 575 thousand books (collected through its nine years of existence), its subject classification is large. It also has a children’s library, a multimedia room, computers and reading stations”
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“The center of the neighborhood is the Alameda Park with its Morisco Kiosk, located at the intersection of Dr. Atl and Salvador Miron Streets, near Metro Buenavista.[9] The kiosk was designed and built in the late 19th century by José Ramón Ibarrola to be the Mexico Pavilion at the World’s Fair of 1884 in New Orleans and of the Saint Louis Exposition of 1902. The structure is completely made of cast iron, which was in fashion at that time. It is thought that the iron came from the Carnegie Steel Company of Pittsburgh. It consists of panels that can be disassembled and a glass cupola. After these events, the structure was brought back to Mexico at the beginning of the 20th century and installed on the south side of the Alameda Central. While it was here, it became the site of the national lottery drawing. For the Centennial of the Mexican War of Independence, the kiosk was moved to make way for the Benito Juárez Monument. The residents of the barrio petitioned to have the kiosk moved to this neighborhood. ”
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Restaurant italien
“20 minutos a pie y usando metrobus línea 1. Está sobre la terminal de tren suburbano Buenavista. La diferencia una pista de hielo. ”
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Point of Interest
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Point of Interest
“The square of the three cultures, a place where you'll find three phases of the mexican history converge. Vestiges of the mexica civilization, the spanish church of Santiago and the landmarks of great buildings showcasing a contemporary Mexico. ”
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Science Museum
“A museum with the charm of times past. The original cabinets exhibit collections of minerals fossils and even meteroites, specimens of fauna and flora of the various regions and, last but not least, a series of landscape paintings by José María Velasco. In the main room the impressive skeleton of a mammoth is displayed. It is a reconstruction was achieved using the bones of 12 mammoths from across the country. ”
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“very tipical and afordable food, restaurant is located in a nice antique house”
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Point of Interest
“Centro comercial, Liverpool, restaurantes, tiendas de ropa, zapatos, accesorios, electronica etc. Mall - The main commercial center of the area, ”
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History Museum
“Interesting Museum and Cultural Center. They hold the 2nd October 1968 Massacre Memorial as well as temporal Exhibitions. Part of UNAM. Next, to it, there's a site museum of Tlatelolco Prehispanic Culture Ruins.”
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“Punk, rock, goth and other urban tribes created this bizarre and eclectic street market. Set aside from the regular tourist and head up to this cultural ground.”
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“Traditional cousine. Amazing and cheap. Very mexican food. You can eat tlacoyos (CDMX traditional dish) but also insects and power drinks. ”
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“Santa Maria La Ribera, one of our favorite neighborhoods in Mexico City, though it is not toured by mainy. It is home to the beautiful historic kiosco morisco. Built in 1884, the Moorish open-air pavilion represented Mexico at the St. Louis World’s Fair in 1902 and has been in its current location since 1910. After stroll in the park and a visit to the Geography museum, don’t miss out to the Birria el Guero (more info in our guide).”
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“Los mejores churros dulces y salados, malteadas y más. The best experience of traditional churros, sweet and salty, milkshakes and more. Abierto Lunes - Domingo 17:00 a 22:00 hrs. Open Monday to Sunday 17:00 a 22:00 hrs. *Just cash”
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“This is a good nice visit not far from home. The neighbourhood offers a glimpse to nice old houses dating from XIX century. Museo del Chopo is nearby as well as the geology museum.”
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“Es una de las ruinas arqueológicas de la Ciudad. Aunque no es tan visitado. Combina tres eras de Mexico. La prehispánica, la colonial y la moderna.”
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