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Kenmore Hills : les meilleures activités

Découvrez la ville à travers les yeux des habitants. Trouvez les meilleures activités, les meilleures tables et obtenez de précieux conseils auprès des personnes qui vivent ici.

Centre commercial
“The nearest Coles, Liquorland, Newsagent. Also some lovely dress shops, a shoe shop, bakery and cafes”
8 habitants locaux recommandent
“Popular for fine coffee along with a simple fresh menu. Open Monday to Friday 6.30am-3pm and Saturday and Sunday 7am-3pm. 2/2051 Moggill Road Kenmore 07 3878 1113 ”
4 habitants locaux recommandent
“A new restaurant in Kenmore, still to be tested out. Antipasti and pizzas. Closed on Mondays. Open 7am-12 noon and 5-9pm. 2051 Moggill Road Kenmore Ph 07 3878 8925 ”
2 habitants locaux recommandent
Restaurant chinois
1 habitant local recommande
1 habitant local recommande
Natural Feature
“Jump in the canoe and go exploring (2 adult and 2 kid-sized life jackets included). Pack a picnic for a hidden creek & enjoy in the shade of the mangroves. It will replenish you for the paddle home!”
1 habitant local recommande
“As old fashioned as it sounds, our whole family are brought together by a Sunday drive to Upper Brookfield. Horses to pet, creeks to cool off in, or just cruise and go with the flow.”
1 habitant local recommande
1 habitant local recommande
Liquor Store
“If you are looking for alcohol, Liquorland in Kenmore Village, right next to Coles is the closed location.”
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“Coles is about 10 minutes drive from the home and has everything you need for meal time. They also do home delivery, so if you are staying for a few days, it may be worth arranging a food delivery for the day you arrive (through their online ordering service). I find that Wooloworths has a more flexible delivery schedule (more availability with shorter notice), though they aren't as reliable with their delivery window and often turn up late or early. Note, that although the address is officially Brookfield Road, it is quicker to access it via the Moggill Road entrance.”
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Furniture Store
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Gas Station
“The closest petrol station to the house. I find it is usually the cheapest also. Stocks milk, bread and other basics as well as fuel.”
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