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Central Athens Regional Unit : les meilleures activités

Découvrez la ville à travers les yeux des habitants. Trouvez les meilleures activités, les meilleures tables et obtenez de précieux conseils auprès des personnes qui vivent ici.

History Museum
“Un extraordinaire musée, incontournable. le café dispose d'une vue imprenable sur l'acropole. ”
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“Ne ratez surtout pas le nouveau musée qui est juste SUPERBE ! Ne pas hésiter à boire en café sur la terrasse juste en face du Parthénon.”
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“parce qu'il est grand et reposant . ideal pour faire son jogging. il est juste A côté du studio. un oasis de verdure et d'ombrage . très arboré. it is a quiet place to rest. or for a jogging. located close of the studio . lot of all trees .”
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History Museum
“It is considered one of the greatest museums in the world and contains the richest collection of artifacts from Greek antiquity worldwide”
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“30 mn à pied : au bas de l'Acropole, ce quartier regroupe boutiques, bars, restaurants, tavernes et autres curiosités”
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Track Stadium
“Another of the greatest ancient constructions which can be found in Athens. It is the only stadium made of marbles and is famous for hosting the first modern Olympic Games of 1896.”
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Cultural Center
“This is a new amazing addition to this city and it is the Stavros Niarchos Foundation largest single grant. It was completed in 2016 and on 23rd February 2017 was transferred to the Greek State and by extension, to Greek society. This incredible building houses now the National Library of Greece and the Opera house, which will be equipped with the latest technological advancements. It also has training rooms, practising rooms, bullet rooms, archives, libraries, children play areas, study areas, computer rooms etc. But equally amazing is the Stavros Niarchos Park, which is a vital green space in a city with the lowest per capita green space in Europe!! Visitors can rest in specially designed seating areas or explore a nearby circular labyrinth! Children can play in the creative playgrounds of innovative design! The whole centre has been named Best International Project of the Year in the 2016 UK Building Awards and was awarded with many more honours since then. Location: Andrea Siggrou 364, Kallithea 17674”
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Historic Site
“Located on the northwest side of the Acropolis lies Ancient Agora. It is home to various monuments such as Stoa Poikile, Temple of Hephaestus, Mitroo, Tholos, Stoa of Attalos, Vouleftirion and the Altar of the Twelve Gods.”
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Liquor Store
“If you start at the top of Syntagma Square and walk down the steps and past the fountain, at the bottom of the square is the beginning of Ermou Street, a paradise for those who live to shop. ”
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Historic Site
“The Temple of Olympian Zeus is a colossal ruined temple in the center of Athens dedicated to Zeus, king of the Olympian gods. Its construction dates back to the 6th century BC during the rule of the Athenian tyrants, who envisaged building the greatest temple in the ancient world. However, it was not completed until the reign of the Roman Emperor Hadrian in the 2nd century AD some 638 years after the project had begun. During the Roman periods, the Temple of Olympian Zeus was renowned as the greatest temple in Greece and housed one of the largest cult statues in the ancient world. ”
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Autres grands espaces
“A rare expanse of green in the heart of Athens, Filopappou hill is the forested area underscoring the beauty of the Acropolis to the monument’s southwest. A great place for 360 views of the city, sunset strolls, picnics and historical sightseeing. Like most places in Athens, Filopappou hill is abound with historical importance; there, you will find important monuments like the Monument of Filoppapos himself, Socrates’ Prison and the Shrine of the Muses, along with later-day landmarks, such as the Church of Agios Dimitrios Loumbardiaris.”
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“You can get Monastiriaki directly by metro from Pireus. The best place to buy souvenirs, fresh greek fruits, leather sandals and more. Monastiriaki is a good start for sightseeing in Athens.”
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Autres grands espaces
“un lieu avec une vue spectaculaire sur toute la ville . prenez le funiculaire depuis Kolonaki pour y monter. on voit le Mont lycabette depuis l' appartement. lorsqu on est en haut le panorama est impressionnant . il y a aussi un tres bon restaurant sur place avec la vue. spectacular view and very good retaurant on the top of the hill . go by telepherique . you reach it on Kolonki .”
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“Shopping touristique, ruines, petits cafés et et ne pas rater la promenade autour du site de l'Acropole qui vous amènera au musée de l'Acropole puis au Métro de l'Acropole pour rentrer à la maison. ”
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“The Benaki Museum, established and endowed in 1930 by Antonis Benakis in memory of his father Emmanuel Benakis, is housed in the Benakis family mansion in downtown Athens, Greece. The museum houses Greek works of art from the prehistorical to the modern times, an extensive collection of Asian art, hosts periodic exhibitions and maintains a state-of-the-art restoration and conservation workshop. Although the museum initially housed a collection that included Islamic art, Chinese porcelain and exhibits on toys, its 2000 re-opening led to the creation of satellite museums that focused on specific collections, allowing the main museum to focus on Greek culture over the span of the country's history.”
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Historic Site
“You must visit this amazing historical gem. You can see the Parthenon, sitting atop the Acropolis (“sacred rock”) from all over the city, tempting you to climb up and explore the ruins. No matter how many times you catch a glimpse, it’ll take your breath away. And while it is impressive from a distance, it’s even more amazing up close. Originally built as a fortress, this impressive structure is now the symbol of Athens. Give yourself at least half a day to hike up, explore this masterful creation and its surroundings, enjoy the views from the top, hike back down and grab a bite to eat and explore the Plaka District.”
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