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“No one orders coffee here. Not a cafe. If a guy was collecting a lot of random stuff and dropped a lot of acid, then perfected a Greyhound by fresh squeezing grapefruit juice to order, and then opened a dive bar several decades ago - that’s Cafe Van Kleef. Owner was a legendary figure, bar carries on in his memory. Giant bouncers. Try and get there before or after the music starts. Always a terrible band. In a town of great musicians. Must be part of the mystique. Not to be missed. Seriously, order a Greyhound. ”
  • Recommandé par 82 habitants
Nouvelle cuisine américaine
“Fine dining meets Chicken and waffles, lovely place, has been here forever.”
  • Recommandé par 51 habitants
Bar à cocktails
“Cocktail Bar, great friendly place to catch a decent cocktail. Good lighting and ambience for a date”
  • Recommandé par 30 habitants
Tapas Restaurant
“Their paella is delicious! We’ve never had a dish here that we didn’t like. The drinks are also very good.”
  • Recommandé par 37 habitants
Restaurant mexicain
“Great Mexican food in a great location. Relatively cheap and SUPER delicious ”
  • Recommandé par 26 habitants
“On-site microbrewery, excellent jazz & swing bands on weekend nights. Only place I've ever been with a gruit on tap.”
  • Recommandé par 8 habitants
“In-house beers and an ever-evolving, adventurous beer list. Friendly staff--get to know them and they'll find you the perfect selection for RIGHT now. ”
  • Recommandé par 2 habitants
“Amazing SPICY Thai food and full bar in Oakland's Uptown Area near the Fox Theater. I recommend getting the Camber Sauce on the side because, as we say in Oakland, it's "Hella Hot!”
  • Recommandé par 4 habitants


“Spanish food. Excellent. Crowded, lively, music on weekends after 9pm. Pricey though.”
  • Recommandé par 2 habitants