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Best things to do in Pittsburgh

Musée d'art
“The Andy Warhol Museum tells Andy Warhol’s story and explores his legacy through the largest collection of Warhol art and archives in the world. There is also a large, full floor gallery that holds rotating exhibitions featuring deep dives into the museum’s collection or showcase contemporary artists that resonate with Warhol's life and work. Past exhibitions in the 2nd floor gallery have included John Waters, Sister Corita Kent, and Kim Gordon. Explore all 7 floors of this wonderful museum, get immersed in the mutlimedia exhibitions, play in the Silver Clouds room and enjoy the work one of Pittsburgh's best cultural exports, Andy Warhol.”
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Musée d'art
“The Mattress Factory is a contemporary art museum. It was a pioneer of site-specific installation art and features permanent installations by artists Yayoi Kusama, James Turrell, and Greer Lankton.”
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History Museum
“We do not visit this place enough. It is one of the better museums in the country. Spend the afternoon here and then walk through Oakland and see the sites. ”
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Science Museum
“Andrew Carnegie is a large benefactor to Pittsburgh and you will find his name a lot of places. The Science center is great place to satisfy the curiosity in children of all ages. ”
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“Sprawling contemporary art museum features permanent collections of paintings, sculptures & more.”
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History Museum
“Explore Pittsburgh rich tradition of innovation and long history throughout Pennsylvania's largest history museum, a proud partner of The Smithsonian Institution. The 275,000 sq. ft. museum features six floors of long-term and changing exhibit space, including the Western Pennsylvania Sports Museum.”
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Sculpture Garden
“Using paints, plants, plastic animals, yard sale finds and discarded construction materials, creator Randy Gilson has transformed his home and surrounding buildings into a colorful Pittsburgh landmark. After Randyland, take a slow stroll through the beautiful Mexican War Streets Northside neighborhood, it’s quite beautiful! ”
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“Interactive play for kids from MAKESHOP (a place to tinker with tools, a loom, sewing machine), an Art Studio, Water play area and more”
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Galerie d'art
“A cluster of museums and historical buildings formed around the Frick family's nineteenth-century residence known as "Clayton". It focuses on the interpretation of the life and times of Henry Clay Frick, industrialist and art collector.”
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Divertissement général
“only a 17 minutes trolley ride with an additional 5 minutes walk off of the Woodstreet station, the museum give you an excellent idea of the city”
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Bicycle Store
“Find the bike you had as a kid. Hundreds of thousands of bikes at this FREE museum. I don't even like bikes that much but it is one of my favorite places to go in Pittsburgh.”
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“One complex that contains both the Museum of Art (first museum of modern art in the USA) and the Museum of Natural History (over 230 dinosaur objects).”
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“Stunning, enormous 19th-century library with a cafe, classes open to the public, and kids' activities. For instance, every Saturday from 10:30-11AM is story reading for kids age 0-36 months; after the reading, kids can play with puzzles, a toy train set or of course books.”
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“only a 20 minutes trolley ride with an additional 5 to 10 minutes walk off of the gate away, the museum give you an excellent idea of the city”
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Musée d'art
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“6-minute walk. An unusual store-front museum with very limited hours, exploring natural history emerging under the influence of humankind.”
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