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Rappahannock River : visites touristiques

Historic Site
“Visit George Washington's Mount Vernon which is more than 14.7 miles from the Charming house.”
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Historic Site
“Re-live history of the Civil War at the Manassas National Battlefield. Start at the Visitor's Center and travel to several areas. Great hiking and horse riding trails available. ”
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“Scenic park with a walking path through a variety of garden designs and styles. *free admission”
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Monument / Point de repère
“Commemorates the U.S. Air Force. Also one of the most beautiful views of Washington.”
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“AMAZING views and street art on the canal walk. If you're into taking photos - you'll definitely want to bring your camera when visiting. There are also canal tours available.”
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Historic Site
“Tour St John's Church or go to Sunday service. Oldest Church in Richmnd. Patrick Henry gave his famous "give me liberty or give me death" speech here. ”
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Monument / Point de repère
“This landmark has been here and is a museum for Masons everywhere. Masons have been contributing to communities everywhere in leadership positions while shrouded in mystery. You can see this monument from just about everywhere and it is an interesting stop for the curious.”
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History Museum
“Wrought from the ruins of the Tredegar Ironworks factory, producer Confederate munitions during the Civil War, the American Civil War Museum is a tour-de-force. Too much to take in during a single visit, it is a life-long learning center. ”
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Monument / Point de repère
“This free memorial to the victims of the 9-11 attack on the Pentagon is a very special place. The memorial itself is thoughtfully planned with special meaning built in to its design. This is my favorite place in D.C. for reflection and peace and quiet when needed. Recommend visiting at dusk. ”
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History Museum
“Historical site. I haven't ventured all the way through it yet, once the little ones get bigger we will. Looks super cool from what I've heard.”
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“Fabulous historical setting built in the late 1800's and remodeled in 2005 by a group of investors creating the first winery in Prince William County. Beautiful grounds, tours of the vineyards available, live music and great wine! ”
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Monument / Point de repère
“Outing for the history buffs in your party. Take a few hours and go back in time when President Lincoln was assassinated​. ”
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Tourist Information Center
“Get acquainted with the area and find out all the fun Old Town has in store for you!”
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Monument / Point de repère
“A new memorial to those who have served in the United States Air Force. A beautiful modern building-sized sculpture mimic fighter aircraft soaring towards the skies in bomb burst formation.”
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History Museum
“Gunston Hall Plantation was the home of George Mason, a senior statesman and author of Virginia's Declaration of Rights. I toured Gunston Hall on a beautiful fall day and had a wonderful time. I was the only person there for an afternoon tour, so I got a private tour. The guide was extremely friendly and knowledgeable and was able to answer all my questions. In addition to the main house (much of which was original), there were many outbuildings on the grounds which were fun to explore.”
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Historic Site
“Historic Home and Frank Lloyd Wright architecture on the same property. Two tours in one. Love it!”
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