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Les meilleures recommandations des habitants

Des sites touristiques aux trésors cachés, découvrez ce qui fait la particularité de cette ville avec l'aide des habitants qui la connaissent le mieux.

“The famous zoo where you find the chimpanzee Julius and many other beautiful animals”
  • Recommandé par 78 habitants
Amusement Park
“Amusement park with over 60 rides and the largest outdoor water park in Denmark.”
  • Recommandé par 38 habitants
“The beautiful theater Kilden, which is worth seeing both inside and outside!”
  • Recommandé par 21 habitants
“Fantastic beach in the middle of the town. Go for ice-cream up the street if it gets to warm.”
  • Recommandé par 34 habitants
  • 1 expérience
Centre commercial
“One of Norway's largest shopping malls. A short drive away, it has everything you could need.”
  • Recommandé par 33 habitants
Autres grands espaces
“A beautiful walk around the island as well as historical with lots of batteries from the 2nd WW (memorial site at the top). You can drive to the very top and park there (parking fee) or park by Kilden, the concert house (free on Sunday) If you take left after the bridge, you will find a marine museum with lots of activities for the kids. You can continue up along the quarantine wall to the beach Bendiksbukta. If you follow the road further you will end up at a scenic point at the very south part, go back on the road to the top. Now this island is hosting a lot of artists, you can walk around and look at their gallerie”
  • Recommandé par 32 habitants
  • 1 expérience
“Cosy old town with lots of dinners, bars, shops and culture. Every saturday (and sunday during summer) there's a big marked in the senter of town.”
  • Recommandé par 22 habitants
Water Park
“Great swimminghall with sounas , warm and cold wather and posibilities to go outside.”
  • Recommandé par 33 habitants
Centre commercial
“The main street in Kristiansand, walking only. Markens is the strawling and shopping street.”
  • Recommandé par 21 habitants
“Great view on the city, surrounded my nature, great place for hiking and walking around lakes !”
  • Recommandé par 28 habitants
“Worlds longest pedestrian street , all the high end shops are here along side food and much more ”
  • Recommandé par 15 habitants
“realt interesting zoo with some rare animals. Great with kids, not bad for adults either.”
  • Recommandé par 15 habitants
Musée d'art
“World famous for the Skagen painters. Must go to place, if you havent been there. ”
  • Recommandé par 15 habitants
“☼The biggest sandbox around! Beautiful views and a nice walk, even for small children. Go early, and stay away if its windy. Really stunning!☼”
  • Recommandé par 20 habitants
  • Recommandé par 2 habitants
“A great park for everyone, nice hikes with stunning views, great cliffs for rock climbing (on the left just next to the Cafe Generalen, here you can go up at the top as well). The park was constructed from 1874–1878 by military soldiers under the command of General, Joseph Frantz Oscar Wergeland, the younger brother of Camilla Collet, a novelist and passionate advocate of women's rights as well as the author Henrik Wergeland. The Cafe Generalen is a nice place to eat, supposedly the best burgers in town. Great concerts here in the summer with a big outdoor stage.”
  • Recommandé par 16 habitants