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Les meilleures recommandations des habitants

Des sites touristiques aux trésors cachés, découvrez ce qui fait la particularité de cette ville avec l'aide des habitants qui la connaissent le mieux.
“The ferry to Suomenlinna leaves from Market Square and it takes 20 minutes one way and the ticket price is 5€. The Suomenlinna Sea Fortress is a UNESCO world heritage place. It is an island so dress warm. There are in total 6 little museums and restaurants. Enjoy.”
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Musée d'art
“Kiasma is one of the leading museums of contemporary art in the Nordic region and a part of the Finnish National Gallery. It breaks the boundaries of a traditional art museum. Kiasma is known for major international solo exhibitions, curated thematic exhibitions and collection displays and various co-operation projects and live art program in Kiasma Theatre.”
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Street Art
“Go to the 8th floor to experience rooftop bar, where you can also have sushi and other Finnish delicacy. Very pretty and Instagram worthy! ”
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Sauna / Steam Room
“Great sauna and beautiful place. Mixed sauna so don't forget you swimsuit. The Building has a Beautiful contemporary architecture, so it’s good for the eye too. One of the best public smoke sauna in Helsinki. Go to the smoke sauna and throw the löyly (water) on the stove and enjoy. For cooling down take a dip to baltic sea. There's also a restaurant and bar. Book in advance.”
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Musée d'art
“Ateneum is Finland’s best-known art museum and the home of Finnish art. The well-loved works in our collection cover the period from the 19th century to Modernism.”
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Centre commercial
“You can find almost anything here. Fashion, Groceries, Souvenirs, Restaurants, etc.”
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Theme Park
“Very nice amusement park in summer time but also a nice light-show during autumn. Check the website! ”
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“Sauna, pool & drinks & swim in the sea in the center of the city. Allas is quite populated by tourists, but might still be worth a visit. Don't take much stuff with you, the lockers and dressing rooms are small. ”
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“Beautiful monument and square for e.g New Year’s fireworks and larger events”
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“This place's atmosphere encapsulates the very essence of Finland in the summer: grilling by open fire, buying pancakes or ice-cream, tasting the "Finnish American Dream" of summer cottage atmosphere - close to the heart of Helsinki”
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National Park
“Beautiful national park with a lot of little lakes about half an hour drive from the city center.”
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Farmers Market
“Get the fresh ingredients for your cooking here! Or enjoy lunch made by someone else. ”
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Restaurant marocain
“Middle Eastern and North African cuisine. Excellent lunch and brunch and dinners.”
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“At Kaivopuisto, close by the sea, you experience majority of the embassy's. This area of Helsinki is worth walking through. Easy access and nice walking distance.”
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Centre commercial
“Next to Kamppi with walking distance in the center. Enjoy your time in the mall with the dining place on top and ground floors.”
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Monument / Point de repère
“Sibelius is the most famous composer of Finland and this is a sculpture for him. Pretty much all Finns recognise at least the Finlandia hymn of Sibelius and may even get sentimental about it. His home was "Ainola" at Järvenpää about 30 km north of Helsinki, currently a museum. There used to be also other artists living in the area so there are other museums worth mentioning there as well, such as Halosenniemi and Aleksis Kivi Cottage, both by lake Tuusulanjärvi at Järvenpää. ”
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Meilleurs restaurants

Restaurant marocain
“Middle Eastern and North African cuisine. Excellent lunch and brunch and dinners.”
  • Recommandé par 103 habitants
Club Discothèque
“Where young hipsters go to party. A varied and well thought program with internationally well known DJs and live acts every weekend. Gets crowded after midnight.”
  • Recommandé par 80 habitants
Doner Restaurant
“Hate kebab? Me too! But not this place. Their kebab comes with amazing ciabatta-ish bread from a local bakery, a delightfully creative selection of herbs (no lettuce-YASS!) and the ever so delicious apple vinegar sauce. If you've never tried kebab with wine - here's the place to. Ask for their recommendations. ”
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History Museum
“National Museum illustrates Finnish history from prehistorical to present times. The museum's unique exhibits tell of the life from a period of over 10 000 years. Temporary exhibitions on current themes and an interactive exhibition Vintti, where you can experience history by doing yourself.”
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Restaurant scandinave
“The restaurant, opened in 1934, server its customers Finnish food and atmosphere. The spirit of the restaurant is created, with a little help from the personnel, by its particular clientele. Restaurant Sea Horse has served Finnish delicates, such as crispy fried Baltic herrings, vorschmack, herring plates and Wiener schnitzels, for as long as 80 years. It’s safe to say that Sea Horse is a part of Finnish restaurant history, perhaps already somewhat of an institution.”
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Restaurant thaïlandais
“This Thai restaurant is often full of people, but when if you can find room you're in for a treat! ”
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“there are many restaurants with good food for breakfast and lunch or some are open even late in evenings with sauna and seawater swimming possibility or even music of little festivals.”
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“Don't know if it's restaurants or nightlife place to give a tag, but closer to the weekend we go there is a chance they have a dj out there. Good pizzas that are their own style you will not find in a pizzerias.”
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