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Southern Province : sites touristiques et attractions

Musées d'art

Musée d'art
“ Folk Museum Another great place to observe about the Sri Lankan custom and tradition in a wider angle. This is a close destination to Koggala Lake. It was a home for a great novelist called “Martin Wickramasinghe” he has written many great novels. Late this place converted into a folk museum. Many exhibit items are shown the wider angle of customs of Sri Lanka. Also guests able to observe about the great novelist used things in past and the original writings of him. It shows masks which belongs to many traditions of country. Not even that it shows about the rural agriculture technology. Also it shows fishing and pottery styles. Also it shows about craft artifacts. Also it is a great place ”
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Musées d'histoire

History Museum
“In Telwatta there is a very poinant reminder of the 2004 Tsunami. The Tsunami photo museum is an unpromising building at first but has a great story to tell. Uncomfortable viewing for some but a wonderful collection of photos that although can be sad its good to see the memories being kept alive in a productive way. its is charity run. ”
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Sites historiques

Historic Site
“10 minutes Tuk-Tuk from Salt House there is one of the most amazing Buddhist temples in Sri Lanka. It is 160ft high, the largest statue in all of Sri Lanka. Ask Sagara and he will help you organise!”
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Historic Site
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Historic Site