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Comitat de Split-Dalmatie : les meilleures activités

Découvrez la ville à travers les yeux des habitants. Trouvez les meilleures activités, les meilleures tables et obtenez de précieux conseils auprès des personnes qui vivent ici.

“de beaux lacs et chutes, une belle nature, la baignade est autorisée dans un des lacs”
377 habitants locaux recommandent
Historic Site
“Diocletian Palace is one of the best preserved monuments of the Roman architecture in the world. ( must see - All Gatea in palace-silver, gold,brass, iron). Inside of the palace -Vestibul, Tempel of Jupiter, Peristil, The Substructures .”
426 habitants locaux recommandent
Centre commercial
“One of shopping malls in our city. A lot of shops, caffe bars and restaurants in one place. Ideal for a rainy day.”
89 habitants locaux recommandent
Centre commercial
“In case of bad weather (or bad mood) you can go there and spent some time ... and money, too!”
90 habitants locaux recommandent
“Go hiking, swimming on popular beaches with bars on the south side, or on more secluded stone beaches on the north side, take a walk, go jogging, explore the old churches or simply just enjoy the smell of pine trees and the view of the city.”
206 habitants locaux recommandent
“Biokovo Nature Park is the most dominating presence on the southern Dalmatian coast. Proclaimed a nature park in 1981, this mountain rampart towers a good 1500 meters over the Makarska Riviera and offers exceptional views over the sea and nearby islands. It is one of Croatia's most popular destinations for hikers with myriad paths that wind up the hills past olive groves, vineyards and pine forests. The Biokovo massif that stretches 36 kilometers along the coast and nine kilometers inland drops down in a series of craggy limestone rocks and sheer cliffs interspersed with caves, pits and sinkholes. The most popular hiking and mountaineering destination is Vosac (1421 meters) which lies only 2.5 kilometers from Makarska. ”
37 habitants locaux recommandent
Club Discothèque
“The most popular old cinema (same name as it is now-Central...) is probably one of the best clubs in Split...”
107 habitants locaux recommandent
“The city of Split and its waterfront, Riva, are among the most interesting and most specific sites in the Mediterranean. Riva is the main place in Split for relaxation, walking, drinking coffee but also a venue for various cultural, sports and entertaining events.”
149 habitants locaux recommandent
Club Discothèque
“If you want privacy at the beach, avoid Bačvice (pron. Batchweetseh). If you want to meet people, this is the first choice. It's the central city beach, popular among locals and young tourists looking for some fun. It's a sandy beach, with sunbeds and parasols (maybe too many of them, but they are usually all taken). For people in Split, Bačvice is part of their city's identity, and if you see some guys (and sometimes girls) running around and jumping while trying to hit a small ball with a palm, it's picigin. This beach game was born here because the solid sandy seabed is perfect for short sprints and parades. It's also probably the only beach game protected as a cultural heritage. Bačvice lives 24/7 during the season because many bars and clubs are one of the biggest nightlife zones in town, including Split Beach Festival. Seawater is surprisingly clear, for a beach with so many people, except later in the afternoon.”
203 habitants locaux recommandent
Galerie d'art
“Probably one of the most famous Croatian artist, sculptor, writer and architect... You can find his sculptures in Zagreb, Beograd, Split, Varazdin, Chichago... This gallery is in fact his family house that he donated to Croatian people...”
134 habitants locaux recommandent
“Bokeria opened in 2014 as a family restaurant where all members of the family work. The ambience and design of the restaurant can accommodate all types of events. The music that has been selected, the murmuring of the crowded restaurant, and the unique lighting in the evening attract younger guests looking for fun and an outstanding offer of Croatia wines. Bokeria devotes special attention to the quality of its ingredients, which dictates the offer, while the chefs work to ensure that the food is ever more innovative and interesting. The menu is changed several times a year, and depends on the availability of seasonal ingredients.”
101 habitants locaux recommandent
Night Club
“One of the best Croatian nightclubs and one of the pioneers of clubbing scene in Croatia. I suggest you to go in Primošten first (best around 10) and after in Aurora (not before 00:30-1 AM)”
28 habitants locaux recommandent
“St. James cathedral is a must see when visiting Sibenik, it is an UNESCO world heritage monument. Take a look at amazing portraits carved in stone at the apses of the cathedral, and admire unique and spectacular dome and roof construction.”
73 habitants locaux recommandent
History Museum
“It is few minutes walk from our home and you can visit it during the day or night concerts...”
59 habitants locaux recommandent
Soccer Stadium
“Home of the local football team Hajduk. Poljud stadium is also where many concerts and events like Ultra Music festival is held each year.”
171 habitants locaux recommandent
“During the day, you can eat something here (I've never eaten here, so I don't know how is the food), but this is a great place to have a drink during the evening. The best is on Fridays and Saturdays.”
74 habitants locaux recommandent