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Tarragone : les meilleures activités

Découvrez la ville à travers les yeux des habitants. Trouvez les meilleures activités, les meilleures tables et obtenez de précieux conseils auprès des personnes qui vivent ici.

Grand magasin
“Closest shopping mall which offers a wide range of products: music, movies, portable and household electronics, furniture, hardware, books, clothes, groceries, gourmet food, etc...”
Recommandé par 16 habitants
Centre commercial
“Closest movie theater. Rarely any movies in English.. It's also a huge shopping mall.”
Recommandé par 10 habitants
History Museum
“A superb collection of Roman period. Go to see the mosaic of Medusa! There are very few like this in the world”
Recommandé par 5 habitants
“The Cathedral of Sant Tecla, better known as the Cathedral of Tarragona, was built in the highest part of the city, approximately in the same place as the Roman temple of emperor worship. This 12th century cathedral is a perfect example of the transition from Romanesque to Gothic architecture. Another speciality about Tarragona’s cathedral is that it was built on the site of a mosque from 10th century. The huge round window in the front, the stairs, the entrance, everything about this cathedral is pretty impressive.”
Recommandé par 24 habitants
Performing Arts Venue
Recommandé par 1 habitant
History Museum
“ Dos de los monumentos más representativos del conjunto romano son el Anfiteatro, donde tuvieron lugar las luchas entre gladiadores, que está abierto sobre el mar Mediterráneo. Y el Circo, a pocos pasos del Anfiteatro, entrando por la torre del Pretorio. Caminar a lo largo de la gran sección dentro de las gradas del Circo, debajo de la ciudad actual, es una experiencia genuina única de Tarragona. ”
Recommandé par 14 habitants
“Comercial Center: Zara, H&M, Massimo Dutti, Cinema, restaurants and Supermarket”
Recommandé par 2 habitants
Historic Site
“Museo en una residencia aristocrática restaurada con muebles y objetos decorativos de los siglos XVIII y XIX.”
Recommandé par 3 habitants
Club Discothèque
“Una discoteca grande en la que puedes bailar hasta las 5 de la mañana, con un ambiente para todas las edades. ”
Recommandé par 2 habitants
“The whole summer I was in Tarragona I had the feeling they celebrated every week another festival. But the Santa Tecla Festival in September was something special. The festival is 10 days long and everyday there was music, dances, night parades with costumes, and a lot more. It felt like the whole city didn’t sleep for 10 days. One of the highlights is the “Human Towers” which is a tradition in Cataluña. Teams of castellers (climbers) stand on each other’s shoulders to build towers up to nine levels high. At the end a child climbs to the top and then the whole tower of humans disassembles. There is even a Monument of Castellers in Rambla Nova. ”
Recommandé par 28 habitants
Administrative Area Level 2
“Like a smaller version of Barcelona, lovely city, lots of Roman history, just a lovely place.”
Recommandé par 5 habitants
Scenic Lookout
“Not only houses have balconies. Yes, also a whole city can have a balcony to enjoy the most beautiful views of the beach. To get to this beautiful terrace, 40 meters above the sea, with amazing views of Mediterranean Sea you just need to follow Tarragona’s main road, Rambla Nova.”
Recommandé par 6 habitants
Centre commercial
Recommandé par 2 habitants
Snack Place
“Ancienne capitale Romaine de l Espagne, classée patrimoine mondial a l Unesco. Nombreux vestiges a visiter et belles ballades sur les Ramblas jusqu au bord de mer”
Recommandé par 133 habitants
Bar à cocktails
Recommandé par 2 habitants
“Tuesdays and Thursdays there's a street market on Rambla nova. From about 10am - 2pm”
Recommandé par 17 habitants