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“The World of Coca-Cola is a museum, located in Atlanta, Georgia, showcasing the history of The Coca-Cola Company. The 20-acre complex opened to the public on May 24, 2007, relocating from and replacing the original exhibit, which was founded in 1990 in Underground Atlanta.”
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History Museum
“Give yourself some time when visiting here as you could spend a whole day and not see everything!”
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“If you have little ones, the Children's Museum will keep both you and them entertained for hours! A great way to spend a day, wear out your kids so they'll sleep soundly! ;)”
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“Centennial Olympic Park is a 21-acre public park located in downtown Atlanta, Georgia owned and operated by the Georgia World Congress Center Authority. It was built by the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games as part of the infrastructure improvements for the 1996 Summer Olympics.”
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“Large park near CNN Center and GA Aquarium. Check out your Olympic brick if you bought one in 1996. The Park's website will locate it for you. Get your hansom cab ride here.”
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“Opinions vary, but, prepare to answer why you didn't go if and when your friends back home ask. ”
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Street Address
“Highly recommend visiting this place to learn about civil rights, Martin Luther King, Jr. and the city of Atlanta. ”
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“Pemberton Place® is a center of activity in Downtown Atlanta with two of the world's most unique attractions located within its 22 acres. The World of Coca-Cola® offers an engaging and interactive look at what has made Coke® the world's most famous sparkling beverage. A thrilling 4-D movie experience, sampling of over 60 different beverages made by The Coca-Cola Company from around the world and a chance to meet the 7' tall Coca-Cola® Polar Bear are all part of a memorable visit to this one of a kind attraction. Neighboring the World of Coca-Cola, the Georgia Aquarium is the world's largest with more than eight million gallons of water and more aquatic life than any other aquarium and The Center for Civil & Human Rights. Pemberton Place provides five acres of lush green space as a welcome oasis for Downtown visitors. In order to minimize the impact on the environment, "cool" landscaping features such as light-colored paving and vegetated grounds are used to reduce the urban heat island effect that contributes to smog and ozone and increased energy costs. Other environmentally friendly design elements include an irrigation system that uses 40% less water than conventional outdoor watering systems and the use of various drought-tolerant plants to conserve water. Pemberton Place is the hub of excitement and discovery in Downtown Atlanta, where being "green" can be fun”
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Street Address
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