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They have a very thoughtful collection of children’s books at this store. If you ask, they’ll spend time helping you find what you need. When I was pregnant, my daughter Lou had a lot of questions that I couldn’t answer and the friendly lady at this bookstore helped me find the right book to explain what was happening. At the back of the shop, push open the little door to discover a space reserved for workshops and story time.
I am a mother to three children—Jules, Lou, and Mia—and I also work full time at a luxury store. I started my blog, Et Dieu Créa, 10 years ago when I was a single mom, but now that I’m married, it has more of a family spirit.
2 Rue Turgot
Paris, Île-de-France 75009
2 Rue Turgot, Paris
+33 9 53 11 01 61