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Molo Audace

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September 11, 2019
This pier was built on the remains of the ship San Carlo that sank on this point in 1740, becoming in 1743 the base for the pier called “Molo San Carlo”. At the end of the 1st world war on November 3rd 1918, the destroyer “Audace” came to the city and the pier was renamed. Funnily enough, the 3rd…
Welcome To Veneto & Friuli
Welcome To Veneto & Friuli
May 18, 2018
This walkway extending about 200 metres out to sea is a magical place for a stroll and a breath of fresh air at any time of day and in any season, a place of enchanting autumnal sunsets, when the buildings on the shores are tinged with red. If you fancy a real challenge you can run to the wind-rose…
April 17, 2018
Break taking sunsets can be seen from here.
September 01, 2015
Best view of Piazza Unità d'Italia from the sea
February 04, 2014
a walk on the pear and on the way back Trieste in front of you

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“Another item of interest can be found in the corner of the dock beneath the Ponte Rosso, where a careful look reveals a tide gauge carved in stone and calibrated in Parisian feet and inches. The zero of this tide gauge is known in the scientific world as the Zero Ponte Rosso. Traditional Christmas markets and various other events such as the Barcolana regatta are now held along the canal and in Piazza Sant'Antonio. ”
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Historic Site
“Il teatro romano di Trieste si trova a Trieste ai piedi del colle di San Giusto, in pieno centro della città, al limitare della città vecchia, tra via Donota e via del Teatro ”
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“It was designed by the architect Arduino Berlam and commissioned in 1927. As well as a guide for nocturnal navigation in the Gulf of Trieste, it is also serves as a monument commemorating sailors who died during the First World War, as witnessed by the inscription at its base: "Shine in memory of those who died at sea (MCMXV - MCMXVIII)".”
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Musée d'art
“It's a very nice museum that was built by the Baron Revoltella, a very generous patron of the city's cultural life. There is the formerly private palace with all the representative rooms to see and also the modern part with an art collection. In summer there is also a rooftop terrace café with amazing views over the city and the Gulf of Trieste”
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“With over 60 shows scheduled each season, running from October to June, its stage shows include plays, musicals, ballet, dance and rock concerts; home of Teatro Stabile,one of Italy's major public theatres. ”
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Trieste, Friuli-Venezia Giulia 34121