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Christchurch Central

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March 22, 2019
Take a self guided tour  around the city and experience the  vibrant street art of Christchurch
February 06, 2019
Our lovely rebuilt city has much to offer
January 23, 2019
Great on that rainy day
July 22, 2018
We love the vibrance of the city centre, watching new buildings appear and always something new to see!
July 04, 2018
Plenty of Bars, cafes, museum, shopping, everything you need

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Arts & Crafts Store
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Arrêt de bus
“We enjoying visiting here. Excellent wet day entertainment for the children.”
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“Akaroa is a lovely French themed village with a beautiful harbour (prettier than Lyttelton). The Black Cat cruise to see the Hectors Dolphins is a good way to see the harbour. Lots of restaurants and cafe; we like Ma Maison near the waterfront but there are a lot of choices. If you have time driveto Onuku church. Also in the area, French Farm vineyard is nice for lunch. On your way to Akaroa, if you have time, stop in Little River where there is a nice art gallery and cafe. Then at the top of the hill is the Hilltop Tavern; just a basic tavern but with a great view. Barry's Bay cheeses at the bottom of the hill is also a good place for local cheese tasting. Another option is a drive along the Summit Road (turn left when you reach the top of the hill from Little River) and along to Okains Bay, a Maori museum. The very best beach is at Le Bons Bay – all told from Christchurch about a 2 hour drive. But a safe beach, a little river kids can play in at low tide, safe (no rip), tennis courts, picnic spots etc. Great on a hot day (nor’west). If it’s a hot windy day in Christchurch, it will be beautiful and warm at le bons and probably a lot less windy. ”
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“Francis and Shireen Helps have protected the White-flippered Penguins at Pohatu-Flea Bay for more than two decades. Tours enable you to see the penguins unobtrusively. Sea Kayaking allows you to enjoy the spectacular scenery and wildlife of Pohatu Marine Reserve. Scenic Nature Tours will enable you to experience a wide range of endemic wildlife amongst dreamlike landscapes. See web site for departure times for Penguin Tours, Sea Kayaking Safaris, Nature Safaris and Overnight Packages.”
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Christchurch Central, Canterbury