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Fruits & vegetables; deli & ready meals; meat & seafood; bakery; drinks... Prefer eating in? Here's where to shop! (Pssst... There is a clearance section with deals that will blow you away!)

Your closest option for a real supermarket - about a 15min walk. Big, bright and clean, and the house brand (President's Choice) is highly recommended.

Just down the street is a local grocery store Loblaws. You will find everything you need for food essentials during your stay. They even have a decent food bar to grab something to eat on the run!

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Good for your everyday groceries. Great coffee and fantastic egg croissants in the morning. Open from 7 am till midnight

This is walking distance from the building. If your looking to make your stay feel like home, take a trip to the the local grocery store and make yourself a gourmet meal in the fully equipped kitchen.

Open 24hrs Must Check out the Nutella Cafe. Get your coffee and crepe or other nutella snack

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Not only is this probably the best grocery store in the city, but it is the site of the old Maple Leaf Gardens. Gourmet taste buds will be satisfied here with the extensive choice you'll find here.

Loblaws at 60 Carlton in the Maple Leaf Gardens building is a delight for all your senses. Experience an exciting culinary experience in a historic building.

My favourite grocery store in the former home of the Maple Leaf Gardens. A pleasurable shopping experience with a great cheese, meet & produce counter. The place for grocery.

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Shoppers' is the go-to place for toilettries you may have forgotten, to basic groceries, make up, magazines, cleaning supplies, even stationary. Some have a small technology section for buying bat... lire la suite

The closest big name Drug store is Shoppers Drug Mart on Queen Street. There you can get all your essentials...toiletries, beauty, etc. They even have a pretty decent grocery foods section.

It has higher prices than Walmart but is far more accessible. Shoppers has numerous outlets all over Toronto and is very convenient to shop at even if it is the evil, corporate branded store that i... lire la suite

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A place where they used to make all the bricks in Toronto, now used for many natural, eco-focused events. Visit the year round farmer's market for brunch with fresh organic local food, crafts and ... lire la suite

Evergreen Brickworks is a beautiful environmental community centre. It hosts workshops, art, bicycle repair shops and cafes. It has a wonderful history of being a kiln for making bricks. It has mu... lire la suite

The Brick Works is a great place to visit and has so much to offer. Start at the Young Welcome Centre for the day's events, and see the historic brick press. Shopping can be addictive in the Everg... lire la suite

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Competitive prices, great selection of all grocery needs, clean layout, bike racks, and the best grocery store music I've ever heard.

Walk under the bridge eastwards and then at the traffic lights turn left - north and it's behind the Gladstone Hotel.

I get all my grocery from FreshCo here. It is right across the street from the condo on the north side of Queen. The price is good and food is fresh.

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Open 24hrs. Large grocery store + drug store

Large Grocery Store in Liberty Village (across the street, open late).

Big Box Grocery store open until 10pm. Includes a Pharmacy and pick-up food counter.

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Best place to buy local & organic produce. Awesome store for special diets like Gluten Free, nut free, vegan products. Ethically farmed animals etc.

Good, independent grocery store. Cheapest price for meats at their deli counter and packaged meats in refrigerated section. Lots of great produce as well (produce isn't cheap but is good).

Fiesta Farms is Toronto’s largest independently owned grocery store and garden centre. What does that mean? It means we only have one store. But it’s a big one. “Largest” means we carry the range o... lire la suite

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Very nice grocery store. You will find all of your basic food items at a reasonable price here.

Cheap but well maintained and clean grocery store. Known for international food selection.

A very useful grocery store to cover your basic food items at really reasonable prices.

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Big supermarket for everything you want or need. Open 24 hours. Maybe don't buy your fruit here; there are independent fruit grocers just a half-block further with great stuff at lower prices.

24 hour grocery store for anything you need at any time (now sells beer!) and located a short walk diagonally from our home through two safe parks. There is a pharmacy aisle in case the Shoppers Dr... lire la suite

You can get to Metro (24hr supermarket) through an underground connection, select P1 on the building elevator and follow directions to "college park" or subway, metro will be on the way. 3 minutes ... lire la suite

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Whole Foods in upscale mall with other shops and services: drug store, pet store, fashion boutiques, etc...

This is the closest Whole Foods and located in the heart of Yorkville (a fabulous area to explore). 2 hour free parking and easy subway access

Probably the best meat and fish counters in the area. Good (if expensive) vegetable selection. Personal care items also available (soap, shampoo, etc.). Lots of organic options.

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Completely renovated (completed May 2015), this outlet of the ubiquitous grocery chain has everything you need, including prepared foods, pharmacy and toiletries.

Gorgeous grocery store, best for packaged foods (pasta, canned tuna, frozen meals) - I only try to buy things there that are on sale as it can be expensive but it`s interesting to see.

A large grocery store. NOT open 24/7, so not as convenient as Metro, but the selection is much better. There is also a wine store and pharmacy on the premises.

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24 hour grocery store! What else do you really need?

Premium grocery store, open 24h.

Grocery store with ready to eat meals and a wide selection of fruit, meats, cheese and bread.

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Local, organic food market with a good range of free range meats + gluten free/ vegan products. Take the St Clair subway to the Bloor/Danforth interchange, then take the east line to Pape Avenue.

The Big Carrot is a staple in the east end of the city, with freshly made fruit smoothies and juices, it's all vegetarian, vegan and organic healthy food! They have classes as well to get recipes a... lire la suite

The best organic grocery store in the city. Has a vegan deli counter with amazing dishes, a section with all-natural products for the home and the body, a juice bar in the square, a holistic apothe... lire la suite

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A truly urban, modern and fun shopping experience! Fresh organic produce and grocery, This grocery store also sports a modern cafe imported from Italy and a full kitchen

Only 2mins away, this place is very convenient for groceries, but warning - can be a bit pricey, and brand selection is lacking. If you're getting more than a few items, i would go to the Independe... lire la suite

A small grocery store that has it all. Located on the corner of King & Spadina. If you want specialty items, organic food, are on a health kick or just want a snack or to cook at home tonight thi... lire la suite

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Organic Groceries Sunday9AM–8PM Monday9AM–8PM Tuesday9AM–8PM Wednesday9AM–8PM Thursday9AM–9PM Friday9AM–9PM Saturday9AM–8PM

This is a higher end grocery store featuring all organic, non GMO products. We love this spot for specific items, such as oragnic greens and biodegradable soaps and baby wipes.

Fine selection of organic fruits, vegetables, and other food stuff. The best Kefir on planet earth from Pinehedge Farms is available there. And just a good reason to check on our neighbouring neigh... lire la suite

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Great wine and beer. Conveniently located when you need some wine for those romantic evenings!!

Unlike the other parts of the world you can't buy booze at the grocery store so go here. Wine, beer, liquor is all here.

The local liquor and beer store is just East of us along college. Check store hours - usually closes at 9pm and 6pm on Sundays.

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Great selection of fruits & veggies and a different take away menu every day. A very good salad bar although it can get pricey.

The Market by Longo's brings a passion for food, unrivaled expertise, and outstanding quality to Yorkville. The Market elevates the downtown grocery shopping experience to a sensory adventure in food.

Open from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM, it's right on the corner of Bloor st and Park road. Small but great choice of food items. I really like the pizza here and meat ball is really nice too.

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Fresh organic groceries right inside your building. No more worry about food when you are away from home.

If you love organic and healthy food, you will love this one of the few Whole Foods Market location on the Yonge

High end grocery store. Specializes in organic and natural produce. In Bayview Village mall

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Is a teaching hospital of the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine, and a Level 1 adult trauma centre, providing tertiary and quaternary services in cardiovascular and neurosurgery.

For professionals who need to study at the hospital.

This is across the street. If you have to visit the hospital or stay close to loved ones

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This is the closest pharmacy, open 8:00am-10:00pm everyday. There is another Shoppers Drug Mart at 725 College Street (College and Shaw), that is open until midnight.

All your pharmacy and beauty product / toiletries needs. Convenience foods too.

Shoppers has cosmetics, food & everything else you need

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It's across the street, open till 11pm. A bit pricey. For a much cheaper option, take the streetcar going west to NoFrills @ 243 Alberta Ave

A small and hectic downtown grocery store. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are busy because they are 1/2 price for students.

Grocery Store, open 24/7, except on statutory holidays (due to provincial law).

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Open 24hrs, Sobeys is just a short walk away and has many premade salads, sandwiches and dinners. As well as fresh fruit, vegetables and anything else you might need.

Another local grocery store. Good seafood selection. Often slightly pricier than Loblaws.

Open 24 hours with a wide selection. Middle of price range for grocery stores.

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A long-time dream of West End Toronto residents, the co-op aims to supply local, sustainable food near you. Their mandate is to promote a connected and respectful local food system.

Local, organic, ethically and sustainably sourced groceries, delicacies, household goods....all your basics covered, plus special things - and a friendly local place to shop. 5 mins from your door!

This is the place to go for everything organic/health food. Some of the prices are steep, but their selection is unparalleled. Note: Requires the membership card left in the tray next to the fridge.

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Grocery store first level of the building Open from 6am to 2am. Super convenient

An excellent small grocery that's a 5 minute walk from the house. Open 6am to 2am, 7 days a week.

Can be $$$ but open until 2am and opens again at 6am. Convenient.

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Running out of food, want a quick snack, maybe some groceries? Rabba is across the street from you.

Grocery store serving fresh vegetables, breads, butter, milk, eggs, etc. (1 min walk)

Literally a 2-minute walk from the building, a 24 hour grocery/convenience store on Blue Jays Way and Front St. This store should get you anything you need for groceries, while laundry is located i... lire la suite

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Cheapest supermarket in the city. Only cash or debit card accepted

A cheap and somewhat crappy No Frills grocery but it's cheap and close if you're buying crappy stuff like bologna and cream cheese.

One of our budget chain grocery stores. This one, in the heart of Parkdale, also offers great people watching! Easy walking distance. Looney (1$ coin) required for cart.

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Quick walk to full grocery store. Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. What can I say, its a grocery store and its close. Beware the crowds and long lines.

A 24 hour grocery store with all of the things you need. A bit pricey, but less expensive than the Healthy Butcher and right by the subway.

This grocery store is the closest one to our house. It's about a 15 minute walk or 5 minute drive.

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Besides the flagship store at Carlton and Yonge, this is one of the most "shopping experience" grocery stores in Toronto. Quite Posh. Lots of ready-made dinners & deli.

Newly renovated giant grocery store. Tons of pre-made dishes, in-store cafe, fish monger, butcher and all the groceries you will ever need.

Has an excellent selection of prepared foods. It also sells beer and cider. There is also a wine store, dry cleaners, ATM and coffee/gelato stand in the building. A Joe Fresh clothing store where y... lire la suite

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Groceries, sun tan lotion, medication and batteries can all be found here.

Large drug store open 8AM - 10PM that also carries grocery items and has its own Canada Post office (on the second floor).

Meds, household, beauty, food... All your essentials.