Cafés à Toronto : la sélection de nos hôtes

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As a city we are trying to be better with our coffee and Jimmy's is a fine example of our efforts. It's iconic yellow lid can be seen on serious coffee drinkers and I feel a sense of respect I just... lire la suite

Quaint little coffee shop with great coffee, in iconic bright yellow cap coffee cups. Great for cosy environment in lively neighborhood of King West!

This is an absolute staple coffee place! You will love the English barista cracking jokes and adding charm to the place as well as the little patio perfect for people watching!

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Indie coffee shop. Sparsely decorated with beige wooden furniture, the shop has a homely feel to it. There are a few tables that are normally hogged by students with their laptops, while the long b... lire la suite

The Common is my favourite coffee place in our neighbourhood. The coffee is amazing. It's filled with artists who live in the neighbourhood, who come to chat, work, or grab a drink to go. Cash only.

Tasty and well priced! Small cappuccinos made with organic milk, friendly servers and blond and dark roast coffee. Hhm hhm

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Great coffee shop for adults and parents. It has a dedicated stroller following, and plenty of laptops in action on any given day, as well as a large patio. Wifi.

Fantastic Coffee is available in this mechanics garage that has been converted into a dynamic cafe, with an enormous patio out front from which to survey the Leslieville Neighbourhood. They often d... lire la suite

Excellent place to plug in and get some work done. An old garage turned coffee shop, during the summer months, the outdoor area turns into a patio with extra seating.

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This is the best coffee in the neighbourhood. Fine lattes, americanos, cappuccinos, fixie bicycle culture, this place has it all.

Popular spot with great coffee and great people. Nice large bright spot to work in as well.

Capital Espresso is right in front of the nearest streetcar stop, so it's an easy place to grab a coffee on your way downtown. But it's such a bright, comfortable and homey spot that you can also e... lire la suite

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Best view of the downtown skyline in the city. Looks out over Riverdale Park to the west. Lots of seating on patio.

A few blocks south of the lively Danforth (Greektown) neighbourhood, you'll appreciate this light-filled cafe with tiny chandeliers known for latte art and its amazing park and city view.

Really cool space, great coffe and staff and an amazing view of Riverdale park and Toronto skyline. My favorite coffee shop in this area!

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Set in a snug, minimalist space, this cafe prepares espresso-based drinks using high-tech equipment.

Great coffee shop with healthy and delicious food! Nice to stay and work on a project!

Just cross the street for a quick coffee and muffin if you're not in the mood to make one at home. Also, if you need to get some work done at a coffee shop, you can stay connected to our WiFi for s... lire la suite

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Wonderful cafe, lovely proprietor, very relaxed vibe and excellent place to work, if you must. They have wonderful ice cream and brownies as well. Opposite Trinity-Bellwoods Park.

Named after the infamous white squirrel of Trinity Bellwoods Park, this cute coffee shop is right across the street from the park and serves gelato in the summer!

Coffee, ice cream. Across from Trinity Bellwoods Park.

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Great if you want to grab a quick bite or a cup of coffee. Open 24 hours, even on weekends.

Truly Canadian fast food restaurant, known for its coffee and doughnut...

It's convenient, nearby and open 24 hours a day. If you need quick bite or coffee or even some free wi-fi.

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There is a coffee shop on the first floor of the building which is really good, however, jet fuel is one of the first independent coffee shops in Toronto. Best coffee, gritty. My favorite.

Some people say this is the best coffee around ... I say come in and try for your self! Just don't ask for a grande skinny mocha frap .. keep it simple ... med latte to go please .. how easy was that.

Some folks say this is the best coffee around. Keep it simple and order a latte. They attract the bicycle pros and usually have an interesting art show. Cooler than Starbucks. ~Victoria

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This is a secret bar... Just follow your gps and look for the siren. Order whisky sours or sweet grass beer. Say hi to the real mother dumpling (and don't go to that restaurant ever-- you want dump... lire la suite

This is a hip, grungy type of place with smashed nachos in a chip bag as snacks, bbq'ed wings in the back patio (late afternoon) and turns into a dance floor inside at night. Even on a Sunday night... lire la suite

Almost secret backyard bar in Kensington Market. Located in a behind a small mall, the bourtyard area has an inexpensive, no frills bar, a DJ, and a vendor selling dumplings just outside the door. ... lire la suite

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Dark Horse is a favorite spot for locals to grab a coffee on the go, or to sit with your computer and do some work. The large communal table that everyone sits around creates an inviting atmosphere.

Great coffee spot, especially on the way to Kensington Market or China town. Worth stopping by! Great coffee.

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Board game cafe with coffee and alcohol. The Game Concierges can recommend the perfect game for your mood. Soon to have its own TV sitcom (for real.)

Snakes & Lattes is one of Toronto's premiere board game cafés. Each Snakes & Lattes venue offers food and drinks alongside libraries of boardgames to play.

Snakes and Lattes is our favourite board game cafe in Toronto and a great spot to post up on a rainy day, we love this place. Great for a date, or a family visit, there's a great selection of boar... lire la suite

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A lively, somewhat loud, local meeting place. There's a bar, a tea/coffee place, and a juice bar, all interconnected but with a different atmosphere. The Juice Bar is much quieter. Check hours!

One of the best craft beer bars in the city. Amazing selection, eclectic decor and sunny patio in the back. One half of the bar is a cafe with fantastic coffee, cozy seating and wifi.

Beer. With 24 draught offerings and one cask, this bar seems to be about only one thing—beer. Great back patio. Very eclectic aesthetic and patrons. Low-fi but great.

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Opens at 7am! It's the closest coffee shop to our house. Great atmosphere. Half-decent chain. Real coffee.

Great Local Cafe with free wireless, and also happens to hang Matt's artworks!

Espresso specialist serving baked goods, with a communal table & free WiFi in a cozy space.

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Just a quick 2 minute walk from your home base, this is a bustling cafe for breakfast/brunch. Don't be surprised to have to wait with your coffee and newspaper on the weekend for your table!

This is a hidden treasure about 5 minutes walk from the house with a lovely small patio and a cozy interior to enjoy their delicious brunch food. Their weekly blackboard menu changes (available on... lire la suite

One of my favourite brunch spots in the city. They change the menu every weekend, so make sure to check out their Facebook for that weekend's specials before heading over.


Luna Cafe

$$· 181 Dovercourt Rd·Carte·Horaires·Site web·

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About as authentic a brunch spot you can find in Toronto - nestled on one of Toronto's best streets - Argyle - you will thoroughly enjoy the experience.

Offering Dundas & Dovercourt’s daytime essentials: brunch, lunch, espresso, and wifi. Weekdays 8:30am-5pm, Weekends 9am-5pm. Hint: try the smoked salmon eggs benny.

A lovely little place with fresh, locally sourced items on its menu. Very casual and rustic. Love their eggs benny options.

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Independent coffee roaster and cafe

Nice little coffee shop, great alternative to Starbucks, also within 5 mins walk

Great coffee in a cool young hub.

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Great coffee shop and people watching near by

Ezra's Pound is a great neighbourhood coffee shop. Pleasant place to have a rest and a snack too. Delicious coffee and food.

Tiny Coffee Shop with Tons of Character. Some of the best coffee in Toronto. Can be crowded.

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The cutest little neighbourhood coffee shop with fresh baked goods baked daily in their home style kitchen. On a sunny day, locals love to sit out front on their bench while sipping their coffees.

Great coffee and a cute little place to get baked goods, enjoy sitting outside on the bench and watching the neighborhood.

Our favourite cafe, just one block away across the street - good coffee and baked treats but only a couple seats if you want to stay a while (IG: @ellas.uncle)

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By far the best coffee shop in the neighbourhood and I would say in the city. Super nice people, beautiful interior, amazing coffee.

This place is a good pit stop for cookies, muffins, and cafe treats. A warm staff and cheerful atmosphere will keep you coming back. The flat white is great, or try the simple yet rich Americano.

Freshly roasted beans, sunny patio, delicious coffee and espresso.

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A unique place - you won't find anything else like it in Toronto. Warehouse space, huge interior, very kid friendly and an excellent place to curl up with a book or a computer for a few hours. Wifi.

DOG FRIENDLY! Another well hidden local gem! Take your tablet and hang out with lots of style... and beverages in this friendly place.

Best Coffee Quaint space 100% arabica beans Certified fair trade and organic.

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The Cherry Bomb is a bustling burst of flavour and aroma. Amazing baking and coffee, great staff, terrific music and cool decor make this a fab place to grab a latte and scone.

Hip atmosphere, great coffee and fantastic baked goods, Cherry Bomb is packed with parents with kids, and strollers parked on the street as well as couples and groups.

All americanos are doubleshots, at a very reasonable price. This owner-operated shop sources & roasts its own beans. Easily among the best coffee shops Toronto has to offer, and a pleasant 5 minute... lire la suite

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New Ice Cream location in Toronto, close to the TIFF Bell lightbox. If it is a sunny day, you can guarantee there will be a line up out the door. They sever elaborate soft serve ice cream covered i... lire la suite

The best soft serve Ice Cream in Toronto hands-down. We love this place, but go early in the day (like opening time). Lines are around the block for this place almost all summer long. Torontonia... lire la suite

Sweet Jesus’ day in the sun started in September 2015 and eight million Instagram photos later, it’s proven to be an influential success. The coffee shop/ice cream parlour hybrid opened three new l... lire la suite

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$$ The best chocolate chip cookies ever!!! Mon. – Fri.: 7am – 8pm Sat.: 9am – 6pm Sun.: 9am – 5pm

Great Americano's, croissants, brunch and chocolate chip walnut cookies!

Le Gourmand serves up some seriously good soup, sandwiches, salads, and cookies, and a mean hot chocolate! There's lots to choose from here, including options with Belgian white chocolate, dark cho... lire la suite

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One of the city's top coffee shops.

Delicious fresh coffees and baked goods.

Best coffee in the 'hood, and that's saying something!

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Very good espresso drinks, interesting music selection, but sometimes the scenester baristas get on my nerves for trying too hard to appear cool. Not everyone will like this place.

Serious about their coffee. A few comfy chairs inside and a few tables on the simple street side patio outside.

Another Leslieville fair trade coffee house, with a devoted following. Wifi, small patio.

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A funky old coffee house that is open from 7 am to 11 pm. Was a fair trade coffee place 15 years before coffee was cool. Wifi.

This is a very cozy coffee shop. Perfect for curling up with a good book or bringing a laptop to get some work done. You may even rub shoulders with people working in the film industry.

Eclectic coffee shop with lots of cozy seats open until 11pm if you're looking for a low key non-bar evening vibe.

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The best coffee you will ever have made by the friendliest staff that will ever serve you.

Nice little cafe shop, with wonderful espressos and caffe macchiato. Pastries are delicious.

Specialty coffee drinks made with house-roasted beans are poured, plus light fare & baked goods.

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Awesome coffee bar! We used to have one around the corner but some bully bought out the building and evicted them. I support you!

SJCB is an institution in Toronto and this one is the original. If Sam is there make sure to say "hi" cause he's very nice.

The bigger version of the Coffee Pocket. Think of it as the Coffee Jeans.

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A cute, cool cafe where you can watch the hip Ossington crowd walk by. Big windows, delicious coffee and teas. Great neighbourhood to explore, walk south to Queen West.

The coffee is pretty good -- and if you buy coffee beans to take home, you get a free cappuccino or latte. Great patio in spring/summer/fall!

Great coffee, free wifi and a nice patio in the sun